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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Authorized and Unauthorized Teddy Throws

So, like I mentioned in the comments yesterday, Dee told me she'd be coming by here 2 post abt her reminiscences, if she did reminisce. She came by last nite an' posted this:
Dear 'April,'

I'm 'happy' to do it! I planned to start 'reminiscing' today but unfortunately I had to discipline the 'children' for throwing things in the house. I carefully explained to them that it was okay to 'throw' toys, just not at people or 'breakable' things. At their 'ages' I'm sure they understood! Once that was done I was sure I could spend some time 'remembering' but then your mom came over :( As it was, I didn't even get to take that 'long' bath I planned with the new 'massaging' shower head I just bought. Oh well, maybe 'tomorrow!'

Heh, Dee, when Mom came home, she was all flapping and honking abt how she was "attacked" as soon as she got 2 yr door. And how she just can't believe Mike revived SuperTeddy, how she "hated that godforsaken thing." Ah, good times!


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  • At 12:47 PM, Blogger DreadedCandiru2 said…

    What did Dee expect anyway? First, she plea-bargains away the punishment by saying what Merrie is allowed to heave the bear at and she didn't tell EatDirt the same went for him. At least they never told them about how week-old socks can be used as an implement of justice.

  • At 5:54 PM, Blogger April Patterson said…

    nah, i'm not planning on telling the littles abt "sockhead." just cuz i thot it was fun when i was a little kid doesn't mean i think merrie an' robin shd do the same thing.


  • At 8:27 PM, Anonymous michael patterson said…


    Formerly little sis. I have checked the schedule for reminiscing and you are right that “sockhead” is not on the list for quite some time. I believe it is on the schedule right after the month of “April Fool’s – The Pizza Delivery from Hell” and right before the month of “April and Farley Go Swimming with the Fishes and Only One Comes Back.” You can check mom’s list though, to see the order, in case you are wondering.

    In the meantime, I am trying to convince Lawrence Poirier to come and repair the sidewalk in front of our house, which cracked into tiny bits when mom (and Super Teddy) fell on it. It's bound to be covered under the warranty for the landscaping Lawrence did for mom and dad, don’t you think?

    Michael Patterson

    Michael Patterson

  • At 2:33 AM, Anonymous michael patterson said…

    Dear April,

    Formerly little sis. I believe my lovely Deanna has opted not to do her reminisces about her youth, because she had a sudden case of whiplash brought on by going from her initial reminiscence about her youth, to disciplining our daughter about Super Teddy to the news we got about Grandpa Jim.

    In case you had not heard, well, it’s probably better to start at the beginning. I know how much you like linear story-telling. Mom had come over to our house to do some baby-sitting of Robin for me, so I would be able to get some writing done on my second novel Breaking the Windjammer. After she was pelted by Super Teddy, I said to her, “Thanks for looking after Robin, Mom. His sitter isn’t well.” I am sure you must be wondering if the fact we are using a sitter during the day takes away any from the salary you receive for baby-sitting for us and the answer is no, because that baby-sitter gets real money. Of course, you may be wondering why I wrote in my monthly letter from April, 2007 about how my son would be going to a daycare at the same elementary school, H.G. Davis Public School, my daughter attends. My lovely Deanna decided it was important to have a sitter instead, since that is what my son was accustomed to with Ardith Narayan back in Toronto. So, the sitter was sick with something, flesh-eating bacteria, or something like that, and mom came over to take of Robin for the first time since last year. My son greeted her enthusiastically, with apparently no guilt from having just pelted her.

    Mom didn’t seem to mind. She reached out her arms to hold my son by his belly, and said, “It’s a pleasure. The only thing I planned to do today was to drop in on my dad…He’s been behaving strangely lately.” My thought was “Lately?” My son reached out for his Super Teddy, which I dutifully handed to him. Then mom said, “He just sits and stares out the window…” As she said this, my son started biting on the ear of the aforementioned teddy bear. I had wondered where my daughter’s teddy bear had gone to, but seeing my son like that, I got the distinct feeling I knew exactly where the other Super Teddy went. I think it must have been the day Deanna asked me all those questions about the stuff she found in my son’s diapers.

    Mom continued on about Grandpa Jim and Iris by saying, “He just sits and stares out the window…Iris has to try and guess what he’s thinking.” My initial reaction was, “And this is different from his normal behaviour in what way?” I, of course, restrained myself, but I could imagine Grandpa Jim, sitting peacefully in his comfortable chair, and enduring the tirade of Iris’ incessant questions, “Jim? Would you like to go outside? Are you hungry, dear?” Jim successful avoids that kind of banter by refusing to answer and then Iris starts yelling, and this time the yell is “Jim!!!” He didn’t respond to that either.

    The older women in my family are all concerned because Grandpa Jim won’t react with people screaming at him. Sometimes I wish I was the same way.

    Michael Patterson


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