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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Super Teddy, the Bear That Listened

So Mom left her instructions 4 this morning's reminiscing. Finally, it was the ones we were xxpecting 2 discuss yesterday. Merrie and I hadta look @ sum pix where Mike is wearing his jammies and sitting on the edge of Mom's old Vancouver bed. Gramps is--well, Merrie and I weren't exactly sure WHAT he was doing--kneeling, bending, standing in a ditch. In the 1st of the 4 pix, U see Mike sitting in profile, and Gramps (also in profile) has one hand on Mike's right knee--Gramps kinda leaning in--his forearm is parallel 2 the floor and slightly lower than Mike's leg level. His face is slightly higher than Mike's face is. They're mostly in these positions in all 4 pix, tho in #2, Gramps has his arms holded across his chest, in #3, he has his rite hand on Mike's left shoulder, and in the final pic, he has his arms sloping down.

Oh, and Mom gave us a replacement 4 the original 1st picture. The original 1st pic has a speech bubble for Gramps: "Aw, come on, Mike--U're 2 old 2 want a teddy bear anyways!" Like I sed yesterday, Mike had 4gotten his Super Teddy behind @ the house. He didn't realize it until they were on their way 2 the airport. And he was only, like, 6 yrs old. I kinda think 6 yo isn't "2 old." I told this 2 Merrie, cuz she looked kinda worried. Well, the replacement pic had a caption @ the top that was supposed 2 B Mike xxplaining, "Grandpa Jim tried 2 convince me that I was 2 old 4 a teddy bear." And Gramps was given a smaller speech bubble, with "U're a big boy now!" Weird, I wonder Y Mom didn't just let the original version stand. It still conveyed the same info.

NEway, the second pic has a speech bubble 4 Mike: "But, Grampa, I need Superteddy! --I talk 2 him every nite!" Oh, w8, Mom gave us a replacement 4 this pic, but the only change is that she made it "Super Teddy" instead. I wonder Y? And #3 has a speech bubble for Gramps: "Michael! Big boys know that Teddys don't talk!" And the last foto has a speech bubble 4 Mike: "...I know. But he listens."

Merrie wanted 2 know what this hasta do w/Grandma Marian being "gr8." I told her absolutely nothing, but her Grandma Elly (my mom) wants her 2 know this stuff 4 sum reason. Merrie sed, "U know, Grandpa Wilf wd never tell me that I'm 2 old 4 my teddy, even if I were six years old." I sed, "I know." Then I told her that Grandpa Jim never treated me this way when I was little, but that mayB we shdn't tell her dad ("Attic Guy"), 'else he cd get jealous.

Robin wasn't interested in the fotos @ all. He stuck w/his Dr. Suess's ABC instead.


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  • At 10:11 AM, Blogger DreadedCandiru2 said…

    Grampa Jim was being 'supportive' and 'considerate of Mike's feelings' in the same ham-fisted way your Mom was about your reaction to the move: well-meaning, but too slow off the mark and not quite getting the point. He may have thought he was encouraging Mike to make the best of a bad situation but what he was really doing was telling the kid his feelings don't matter. Way to go, Jimbo! You just set him up to become the most emotionally distant Dad EVAH!! I mean, come on! The goof boasts about not caring about the damage his idiocy is doing to his children.

  • At 1:18 PM, Blogger April Patterson said…

    yeah, my fam is like that. lotsa ppl tell me it's a gd thing my 'rents ignore and 4get me as much as they do, cuz it's made me less like them. mayB things will work out like that 4 merrie an' robin?


  • At 3:36 PM, Blogger DreadedCandiru2 said…

    The less of Attic Guy those two are exposed to, the better off they'll be. He's the same churlish dolt he was when he was your age but with a larger vocabulary. Odds are, he thought your folks decided to have you to mess up his ultra-cool life of sitting in front of the TV until numb and glowering at your big sis. AS for your Mom and Dad, you definitely don't wanna pick up their eating habits or denial of what it does to them. Given their love of greasy foods, it's a wonder they don't shove skewers into sticks of butter, deep-fry them and eat them like popsicles.

  • At 4:21 PM, Blogger April Patterson said…

    Given their love of greasy foods, it's a wonder they don't shove skewers into sticks of butter, deep-fry them and eat them like popsicles.

    i think that they tried, but the butter melted in2 a steaming puddle. and then they tried 2 drink that w/straws, but the straws melted, and plus they scalded their tongues.

    that's when i went 2 the library and checked out, like, 10 cookbooks. plus a textbook on nutrition. cuz i wanted 2 make sure i didn't turn in2 them!


  • At 6:15 PM, Blogger DreadedCandiru2 said…

    Don't worry about that, kiddo. The way they shovel down the grub, we can see a shovel in both their futures in about five years or so, if you catch my drift. In other words, don't count on having parents to show your doctorate to 'cause I got me the queasy feeling they'll have eaten themselves into an early grave.

  • At 8:24 PM, Blogger April Patterson said…

    farewell meal 2nite: spicy blackbean-and-rice dish. merrie's glad that we get a break from the foto albums, since 2morrow is sunday. then, of course, mike and dee get back 2morrow.

    mayB monday we'll hear sum new stuff abt liz, eh?



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