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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Carrying Gifts

K, so this is April again, but I've got Liz on the fone w/me as I write this. Cuz she doesn't feel like writing 2day'z entry but she also doesn't wanna let me "louse it up", like I wd, eh? She'z all, "This is going 2 B a very emotional entry, April, and if U don't write it like I tell it, I'm going 2 chase U around the house till I catch U and wring yr neck, as soon as I'm back in Milborough!" Hmmkay.

W8, I hafta get Liz 2 slow down. She'z got no idea what it's like 2 try an' write while sum1's blathering in yr ear. She sez @ the end of the festivities, she gave Vivian Crane a gr8 big hug, and was all, "It's been a wonderful evening, Vivian. Thanks 4 everything!" Then she had 2 hold back tears, all ::sniff::. What? Oh, Liz doesn't want me 2 use "she was all", or "he was like" 2 report dialogue. So back in that last bit, Liz wasn't "all", she "sed", K? K. As Liz was reaching in2 her little purse for sum tissuez, she told Viv, "Sorry. I'm pretty emotional about it. Every1 has been so kind." Viv told her, "We wanted U 2 leave Mtigwaki w/sum good memoriez--and a gift U don't have 2 carry." Vivian had her hand on Lizzie'z shoulder @ that moment. Liz answered, "Oh, I'll carry it ... Everywhere and 4ever!" Liz sed Paul seemed 2 have a v. proud look on his face @ that mo. Jesse was standing by Paul, and then there was Gary, and Vivian rite in front of Liz. A little cluster o' ppl. NEway, Liz continued, "I'll carry it here." And she put her hand on the left side of her chest, "Where my heart is, April. My heart!" Yes, Liz, I got that. Got, got, got it.

So, like, in other newz, it turnz out that when I was a baby, there were sum documentariez dun abt my fam, and they ran on TV here in Canada 4 a while. Sum1 uploaded a clip fr. one of them yesterday. Hope the clip still works! Watch out, though, the sound is rough. Liz "buys" Anthony in an auction an' he hasta B her slave 4 a while. And Mike hasta babysit me, and he uses me 2 try an' pick up women. Figures!

Howard, I hope U, Becks, an' Jeremy have a good tour an' Becks gets s00per-famous, eh?

So, 2day's Canada day, yo! I'm gonna B heading over 2 Zandra Larson'z family BBQ l8r 2day. Shd B cube!



  • At 2:08 PM, Anonymous Eva Abuya said…

    Hi, April, my family and I are spending the day in Ottawa with friends. Happy Canada Day!


  • At 2:10 PM, Blogger April Patterson said…

    hey, eva, hope u have fun! i'm @ the larson bbq. mr. l's got charles wallace on "xxplosive watch", whatev that meanz.



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