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Monday, July 03, 2006


In the car as they were leaving Mtig, Paul told Liz, "U're awfully quiet, Liz." And Liz was all, "I can't believe I'm leaving Mtigwaki 4 good." And Paul sed, "It's not 4 good--at least ... it's not good 4 me!" Aw, see what he did w/ "4 good"? He's still auditioning 4 the fam, yo! Liz put her hand on Paul'z arm an' was, like, "We'll work thingz out, Paul. I honestly believe that we met 4 a reason--and if we were meant 2 B 2gether, we will B!" And Paul was all, "U put a lot of trust in fate!" Liz told me that just then, she thot, "...I put a lot of trust int faith!"

Okay, but here's what I don't get. How is it Liz knowz 4 sure she wasn't supposta stay in Mtigshecouldn'tgetoutfastenuf? What if all theze things that happed 4 a reason R, like, this delicate spider web, and if U pull on it, U louse it up? Liz wd prolly say that her getting all "homesick" musta happed 4 a reason, 2, but what if the reason was supposta B she works thru it and decides 2 stay up north? Eh, I'm giving myself a headache.

Last nite @ the Vatikan (their last nite B4 closing 4 good, boo!), after Zandra an' Kimmi had been yelling @ ea other 4 a lil while, they noticed Dunc had been gone the whole time they'd been yelling. I'd had like six energy drinx and I was totally buzzing! I checked here on my fone an' saw Dunc's comment abt how he'd climbed outta the men's room window 2 go 2 the squat, so Zed was like, "let's get a cab!" She didn't want 2 let Kimmi come along, but K started 2 get in2 this whole, like, religious argument 4 Y she shd B allowed 2 come along, and Zandra was, like, "We don't have time 4 this, but U stay quiet in the cab or get dumped three blox fr the squat, then U'll never find yr way home!" So that shut her up.

Well, it took 4ev 2 get 2 the squat, an' OMG, I'm totally gonna buy them sum Clorox clean-up spray, sponges, and paper towels 2 go w/the TP Dunc scored 4 them. Cuz, oh, my nose! NEway, Dunc was, like, huddled in a corner where this topless girl was giving him sum peanuts fr. a brown paper bag. Then suddenly every1 saw Kimmi in her nun's habit, an' they, like, panicked cuz they thot sum church organization was there 2 like bust them or sumthin'. Kimmi tried 2 xxplain who she was, but these squatterz had this totally organized bugout plan, an' like 3 mins l8r it was just me, Zed, an' Kimmi standing there, Dunc in his corner w/the peanuts, and the place like totally empty otherwise. We ended up taking a cab back 2 Vatikan, cuz we nev did get 2, like, dance or NEthing.

An' we got home pretty l8. In fact, I'm writing this w/out having gone 2 bed @ all, so I'm gonna go do that now.




  • At 8:49 AM, Anonymous Jesse Mukwa said…

    Hey, that goose never gave me her stereo! Lizard Breath, Lizard Breath, Lizard Breath!


  • At 8:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi, April! I ran across your blog a while back, so when I heard the news about 4-Evah and Eva's recording contract, I wanted to drop by to say congratulations to you and your band!

  • At 8:53 AM, Blogger April Patterson said…

    thanx, anon! i heard that hilary forth'z friend faye thinx we're, like, a pre-teen band! i've gotta get my mom 2 change that animated pic she'z got on her website, cuz it totally makes ppl think i'm still, like, 12!


  • At 12:54 PM, Blogger duncan anderson said…

    OMG, when Kimmi said she found her vocation I thot she ment religion not hand-2-hand combat.

    Zed & I r going on a picnic 2day on the Toronto Islands w/ Enid & her creepy bf. 2morrow Zed & I start work @ the Mboro Public Library it will b a relief 2 have such a boring job.

    p.s. Apes, u didnt c how Bambi was feeding me the pnuts did u?

  • At 12:56 PM, Anonymous liz patterson said…


    The reason I got homesick up in Mtigwaki is that I realized that while my heart was there, my heart wanted to be in Milborough, or at least as near Milborough as possible. Because that's where my family is. And when I'm living away from my family, I feel like I have no home.

    Plus, I want to marry a guy who is just like Dad. And Dad would never live in a one-horse town like Mtigwaki. He ran away from his home in Hicksville, Manitoba as soon as he could, and stayed in Milborough. If Paul is the right man for me, he will get a transfer south, so we can be together near my home.

    You will understand this once you are older. You may think that you want to be a singing vet and move someplace far away from Mom, like British Columbia. You may think that sounds glamorous now. But let me tell you, it isn't. Around the time you are ready to get married, you will find yourself remembering that while you might of had good times in your new city, there is no place like home. And you will remember how no time in your life was better then when you were living in Milborough and dating Gerald. If you are lucky, Gerald will realize this too and wait for you. I know you don't believe me but just wait, someday you'll see I'm right.

    The drive home with Paul had more interesting stuff happen but I'm annoyed with you for questioning my reasoning so I am not going to tell you right now. Maybe later, if you apologize.


    P.S.--I don't know what this Vatican thing is (you are spelling it wrong, it has a C not a K), but I do not think Mom would approve. It sounds Catholic and we aren't Catholic. Therese was Catholic. Do you want to be like Therese?

  • At 1:24 PM, Blogger duncan anderson said…

    OMG. While we were on the ferry 2 the TO Islands, I checked my vm. I cldnt hear v. well ovah the noise of the ferry & the cgulls, so I put it on speakrfone. Big mist8. I had a msg fr Bambi. She said shes got a Trojan & wants Jumbo 2 come ovah 4 a ride on Dumbo. I told Zed that Bambi must have a virus on her 'puter but that was 1 of my worst lies evah. Zed nos theres no way Bambi has a 'puter. Now Zeds thrown a towel @ pb sandwich @ me & told me 2 go chill on the beach @ Hanlans Point.

    Sux 2 b me.


  • At 1:29 PM, Blogger April Patterson said…

    dunc, i did kinda c how bambi was feeding u, but i won't tell ne, promise!

    ikwym abt kimmi's vocation. she surprised the heck outta me, 2!

    liz, vatikan-with-a-k was a goth niteclub in toronto. "was" cuz they just closed 4ever after last nite. :(

    sorry 2 have upset u, i didn't mean 2 do that, i just ask questionz when i have them!


  • At 1:31 PM, Blogger April Patterson said…

    aw, dunc, sorry 2 hear that! mayB if u xxplain u didn't, like, encourage bambi or nething. it's not yr fault if she digz u, eh?


  • At 1:33 PM, Blogger duncan anderson said…

    OMG, OMG, OMG. I didnt no this but I bet Zed did. I bet she new this 2.

    Im so boned.


    Fish Boy

  • At 2:12 PM, Blogger April Patterson said…



  • At 5:47 PM, Blogger duncan anderson said…

    Its ok, Apes. Enids creepy bf got me outta there. Im feeling a bit babyish but also a bit more studly if u no what I mean. Those d00ds liked what they saw of MCDunC.

    Im rilly rilly glad I have 2 work 2morrow.


  • At 6:35 PM, Blogger April Patterson said…

    yeah, i think work is gonna b a safer place 4 u, lol!



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