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Sunday, April 13, 2008

When umbrellas fail

So Mom came up 2 me this morning and sed that sum of the ppl who drink coffee w/her @ Lilliput's have been saying they miss hearing stories abt me. So she decided that she'd tell them abt "that cute thing that happened last wk when it was rainy." It took me a lil bit 2 think what she was talking abt, since I'm still pretty tired from my trip 2 UGuelph.

Then I realized she meant the day when there was a torrential downpour forecast 4 the afternoon, and she thot it wd B a brilly time 2 lend Mike my car cuz he had errands 2 run and Dee was using their car 4 work (Dad's been working @ the dental clinic less and less, so they don't carpool as much). I pted out the forecast and suggested that mayB it wd B better 2 w8 4 a day when it was going 2 B clear, but she was like,"Pshaw, Martian teenangster princess, That is why UMBRELLAS were invented!" I sed, "But there R gonna B gale force winds," but she sed, "I don't know who this Gail is, but stop making xxcuses!" Aargh! I tried 2 xxplain, but she was already off, driving my car out 2 Mike's place even tho it's like a one-minute walk from here.

So, of course, when I got off the bus in the afternoon, the sky was so dark, it looked like it was the middle of the nite, the rain was pouring buckets-worth, and the wind was swooping in visible swirlies, and kept yanking my umbrella around, and when it went inside out, I gave up and folded it up, put it in my ugly yellow tote bag, and walked the last bit umbrellaless. Cuz it was just that kind of rain/wind combo where yr brelly is totally useless.

I trudged up the stairs (which have steepened since last yr), opened the door, and Mom asked me, "4 heaven's sake April!-- Y don't U use an umbrella?!!" I told her what happens when heavy rain mixes w/strong, strong wind, and she actually sed, "Y didn't U say sumthing this morning?! I wd have suggested Mike do his errands on a day when the weather is better!" I thot abt asking Y Mike cdn't have used Mom's or Dad's car, both of which had been sitting undriven all day, but the last time I went in2 all that, I got smacked down. Again. ::sigh::

NEway, I M meeting Jeremy @ Horny T's this afternoon. I already can't w8 2 get outta this house again!


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  • At 3:52 PM, Blogger DreadedCandiru2 said…

    Let's face it; as the last few days of flashbacks have shown us, your mother has all the sparkling intellect of a sack of hammers. Remember when she was talking about the time your dad decided that he was too big a shot to wash Liz so your mom had to drop everything and bathe her? I'm convinced she still thinks he actually did wanna stick her in the washing machine!

  • At 4:53 PM, Blogger April Patterson said…

    my mom is totally hopeless. i just keeping crossing off the days on my calendar cuz each day i get thru gets me 1 day closer 2 when i can leave the house and go 2 uni!



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