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Thursday, August 04, 2005


So, I've landed in Winnipeg and Aunt Bev & Uncle Danny have picked me up. Uncle Danny said "Next stop, Teenage Angst Farm for Wayward Pattersons". Aunt Bev gave him a "shut up" look, but she also couldn't help laughing. So they've got a guitar but it prolly has some animal living in it? Well, who cd resist that?

Weird, last month, I was all about havin' my guitar w/me so I cd practice & not get soft fingers. Now I don't wanna look @ a guitar. U know, Dad gave me this whole speech about how Becky's ambition might make her successful but she'd prolly B unhappy? But I hafta say that's BS. Do U really think Madonna doesn't have NE friends? & Becky loves music & singing so much, she practices her piano & vocals every chance she gets. She sez she does it cuz she has 2, like breathing or going 2 the bathroom. But w/me, I get upset w/the band being broken up, & now I feel I'm over the whole guitar thing? I hafta admit, I'm a bit jealous that Becks cd love something so much.

Well enuf bummy stuff. I'm @ the farm & I'd better make the most of it. I'm gonna try 2 get Aunt Bev 2 give me some dirt on Dad. NEthing U all want me to ask her?

Oh, BTW, on the plane, the woman next to me laughed @ my "unaccompanied minor" tag & asked me if I wasn't a bit old for that. I told her I'm 14, & she said the only reason I'd have the UM instead of "young person traveling unaccompanied" is if my 'rents called the airline & requested it special. "So, your folks don't trust you on a short flight, huh?" Well, thanks, Mom!


  • At 4:07 PM, Anonymous becky mcguire said…

    don't worry apes, i think i know what ur problem with the guitar is.

    first, i left the band. u were kinda mad, an' plus, that meant you were just left alone with dork gerald and pervo duncan.

    next, dunc got mad at u an' gerald 4 dating even tho ur in the band.

    after that, u had 2 listen to a long stupid lecture frum ur dad about how bad it is 2 b successful in music.

    u r probably just all freaked out that picking up a guitar will get u yelled at or in a fight or lectured at. just chill 4 a while. u r a good musician. when i sed i wuz better than the band, i meant it because dunc and ger suck. but u are rilly good. don't worry. even if u take a break this summer, u will still be good.

    lylas, becks

    p.s.--sorry about the farm work

    p.p.s.--i told marjee about the 'minor unaccompanied' thing an' she sez that they only require that for kids 12 an' under. they do it for older kids if ur mom requests it. so ur mom MADE u wear that dumb tag just cuz she's a dumb ol' foob! don't u just hate her even more now?

    p.p.s.--marjee is in training 2 be one of those counter ladies at the airport. if she can get me a discount, maybe i will steal some money from one of my "uncle's" jeans pockets an' fly out there 2 c u.

  • At 7:07 PM, Blogger April Patterson said…

    i think u r rite about the guitar stuff & my freaking about things. & thanx 4 sayin' i'm good! that wd be so awesum if u cd visit. yep, i'm hating on mom xtra cuz of that whole u.m. thing.

    my foob 'rents don't know what a gd friend u r!


  • At 9:46 PM, Anonymous becky mcguire said…

    ok well mom and "uncle" bill caught me stealing from his jeans pocket. all hell broke loose an' he wanted 2 call teh cops an' press charges but mom talked him out of it. now they r back in her bedroom an' i rilly don't wanna know what she's doing to make him change his mind. anyway, i went over to marjee's house an' she sed she would drive me out 2 visit u sometime if it's ok with ur gramps and grans. she has an old friend from beauty school who lives out that way so she won't even charge me 4 gas.

    it's weird but my "bastard" sister is the best family i got.

    lylas, becks

    p.s.--want us 2 bring ur guitar with us when we come? it's ok if u say no. taking a break is an ok thing even if it wuz ur dad's idea.

  • At 10:02 PM, Blogger April Patterson said…

    yeh, marjee sounds v. kewl. i don't think aunt bev & uncle danny wd mind if u came, tho b careful abt. getting in trub w/yr ma! nev. mind abt the guitar. i think i'll either take that break or use the ole guitar that unk danny has sumwhere.

    ttyl, apes


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