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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Mike's stupid party is 2nite

So, even tho all this stuff I'm telling U abt happed last week, when Ger reminded me abt band practice on "Saturday," he really meant 2day rather than a wk ago. But NEway, I was waving 'bye 2 Shannon an' told him I hafta B back home by 6 2nite cuz I'm babysitting the littlez while Mike has his "ZOMG published-book guy" party. Ger was all, "Whoa! --U're not invited?!" And I was all, "Yeah, I was--but it's all older ppl, so I mite as well make sum green." And Ger was like, "U're gonna B home all alone? Hey... after the kiddies fall asleep, we cd practice!" And I was like, "Practice what?" And Ger planted a big ol' kiss on my mouth. Oh, and BTW, we were holding hands as we walked down the hall 2gether. So, remember that time in a monthly letter when I sed that stuff abt how Ger and I didn't kiss or hold hands in public? LOLz, I prolly had U goin' there 4 a while, eh?

Oh, and even tho the party will B 2nite, I prolly won't B able 2 find out what happs there until Monday morning. U know how Sundays R w/my fam: We don't call 'em "Now 4 sumthing completely different Sundays" 4 nuthin'.


P.S. Liz, if U really think Mom will let U an' Anthony cage me, U really R stupid! Mom mite get aggro'ed w/me an' all, but she's never going 2 let the world think she's "that mom"--the one who let her batshit-crazy, lard-butt spinster daughter cage her teenager. MayB U need 2 go back on thoze antidepressant meds U stole fr Gramps! (But NOT the stool softener!)

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  • At 1:36 PM, Anonymous lonlyanthdad2fran said…


    Honestly, I'm pretty peeved that April is getting more action in her school hallway than I've gotten in the last three years. How about an oubliette?


  • At 2:40 PM, Blogger April Patterson said…

    yes, drop liz down an oubliette, that's a faboo idea, anthony! hey, if u do, i'll help u find a new gf who puts out!!!



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