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Monday, July 23, 2007


So the "Hearts 2gether Telethon" @ the mall was this past weekend. Eva and I were standing in front of one of the stages, which was being set up, and Shannon showed up w/her mom. Shan was all, "U're ... gonna ... take part in ... the tele...thon, right ... buddy?" And I was like, "Yeah! Eva and I R singing a duet." Shannon went, "I'm gonna ... B ... here ... 4 the ... whole ... 24 hrs ... rite, Mom? An' ... U R 2, ... rite?" And Mrs. Lake sed, "That's rite!!" I told Shannon, "Not many moms wd do that 4 their kids, Shannon!" And Shannon was all, "I know!" And then she hugged her mom while saying, "Not ... many ... moms R ... like ... mine!"

I tried 2 imagine Mom pulling an all-nighter 4 me, and I got kinda, like, jellus, I guess. Cuz I cdn't imagine it. But then I thot abt what Mom wd B like on no sleep? And I thot the world is prolly thankful she's not likely 2 try it.


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  • At 1:25 PM, Anonymous liz patterson said…


    I did not have a chance to write about my day with Anthony and Francie until now because first I was busy actually being with them, and then my internet service at home went out, and then I realized that was because I didn't pay the bill because I bought all that special underwear to wear to the wedding in case I had to use sex to catch myself a husband, but fortunately I landed Anthony with just some lakeside kissing and dancing (no matter what other disgusting story he might tell to make people think he is more manly or something), so I tried to return it, but they wouldn't take back used underwear, can you believe it?

    Well anyway, so yeah, we went to the park, and it's amazing how big Francie is, she is easily the size of a child twice her age, which will be convenient for me, because I can just shove her right into kindergarten a few years early to get her out of my hair when my "real" children come and need all my attention, really, this stepparent thing is so easy that any idiot could do it properly, I mean, you don't have to really love the kid, or even like the kid, you just have to pretend to until you get married and can let your true feelings show, and then there is always boarding school.


  • At 3:06 PM, Blogger April Patterson said…

    aw, poor francie! and ew on the used undies!



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