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Friday, July 13, 2007

Old and broken down is the new "new," yo!

So, shortly after Mom had that convo w/the contractor guy and got their bill, Dad came home and was all, "::sniff:: .... What's that smell?" I was like, "Mothballs. The roof repair guys put them in the attic 2 get rid of the squirrels." I guess this shows Dad's sense of smell is keener than his hearing, since he never heard NE squirrel activity, yet can smell moth balls that are up in the attic. NEway, Dad, while removing his shoes, was like, "Squirrels?!" And I told him, "Yeah... An' the sump pump is borked. So Mom went 2 get a new one." Then I used my foot 2 demonstr8 a squeaky spot in the floor, all "Did U notice the squeek [sic] in the hallway? There R carpenter ants in the porch supports. An' it looks like the fridge compressor is going." Dad went, "What? Stibbs sed that fridge was NEW!" And I thot bubbled, "New house.... New hassles." But really I was wondering Y the eff Dad never got an actual inspector in2 the place B4 arranging 2 buy. What, Stibbs got the "kindly old man" pass? How stoopid!


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  • At 3:05 PM, Anonymous George Stibbs said…

    My, my, is it a hot day, Miss Patterson! How ever can I cool off? Oh, I know. I'll fan myself with some of these Patterson dollars. After all, I have about 450,000 of them now! Good, good times.

    My regards to your parents.

    George Stibbs


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