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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Home, bad pun, home!

We were doing a bunch of unpacking, cleaning, and other new-house work that was making us sweat. Dad was holding a big ol' area rug, all "Give me a hand w/this area rug, April." I was moving a coffee table and sed, "I think I'd better vacuum the floor 1st, Dad." A bit l8r, Mom was outside scrubbing, scraping, skrubbing, and skritting the BBQ grill, and Dad came out an' sed, "I found the utensils, honey. Cd U clean them off 2?" After that, Mom came in and I was all, "I've unpacked the last box, Mom--an' I washed the front windows." C how "spoiled" I'm not? Mom was like, "We're completely moved in. We can finally call this place 'ours.'" Then I sed, "Yeah!" Then we all flopped on2 the chesterfield, me in the middle and Mom and Dad sitting on either side, and I badpunned, "Home sweat home!!" Much as I h8ed 2 hafta do that, I knew it wd help put Mom an' Dad in a better mood than they wd B otherwise, and they'd B more inclined 2 notice I'd been all helpful and not-complainy the whole day. And mayB they'd remember 2 cut me sum slack sumtyme soon, eh?


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