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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Walking in the park with Anth and Francie

I guess Liz was 2 blissed out from her d8 yesterday 2 post here abt it, but never fear. Mom asked her a ton of questions on the fone yesterday evening, and she cdn't restrain herself from telling me abt the convo.

According 2 Mom, Liz and Anthony took little Francie 2 the park, where they walked with Francie in the middle between them and each held one of her hands, letting her swing every now and then, and when they did this, they went in2 silhouette. As a silhouetted kid looked on, they went 2 the swingset, where Liz and Francie each sat on a swing, and Anthony gave Francie a push, and Liz just kinda sat and w8ed, wondering if Anthony wd give her a push, 2.

After the swings, Mom sez that they put Francie in her stroller (but without using the restraints cuz they're "2 constraining"). As Liz pushed the stroller, Anthony carried Liz's new purse, the one with the pastel stripes (clearance rack, Megamart), and Francie reached out @ butterflies. They let her out of the stroller, and she sniffed @ flowers. Liz and Anthony stared in2 ea other's eyes (which made Liz kinda notice that @ that moment Anth looked like sum1 completely diff, but Mom told her she needs 2 get used 2 that in Mboro). They slipped back in2 silhouette and Anthony asked, "How does it feel 2 B going out w/a guy who has a child, Elizabeth?" And Liz told him, "Wonderful!" Then, as Liz and Anthony got out of silhouette and Francie, running and jumping up way ahead of them, went in2 purple silhouette, Anthony sed, "I mean--this can realy complic8 a relationship." And Liz was all, "Anthony..." Then she put an arm around him and he did the same with her, as they walked side by side, and Francie, in black silhouette, ran way, way head of them. And she continued w/"Being w/U and Francie...is a walk in the park."

Mom sez she cheered when Liz told her all this and commended her 4 saying all the rite things. I asked if mayB Liz was glossing over sum of the more complic8ed parts of possibly b-coming a step-parent. Like, one day of frolicking in the park doing fun stuff isn't really a full glimpse of what life was gonna B like. And Mom scowled and yelled @ me 4 being a negative Martian princess.


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  • At 5:02 PM, Anonymous Michael Patterson said…


    Formerly little sis. I have had an earful of blissed out Lizardbreath. "Little Francie never cries. Little Francie loves the butterflies and never asks for any other insects. Little Francie loves the flowers and never sneezes. Little Francie is so light that even a Patterson who has rarely done any exercise for most of her life, can swing her, even with her weak left arm. Little Francie has no stranger fear and will accept whomever her dad decides to date without any question. Little Francie doesn't mind it when her dad carries a purse. Little Francie is a potential stepmother's dream child."

    You won't believe it, but Liz actually implied that a Quebecoise child was a better-behaved child than a Patterson child. Can you imagine that? I hope she wasn't serious about having Thérèse bear all her children with Anthony.

    Michael Patterson

  • At 7:15 PM, Blogger April Patterson said…

    well, if she sed that stuff 2 u, mike, abt having thérèse bear her children w/anthony, then it must b what she meant. i mean, how totally humourless is our sister, rite?



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