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Monday, November 19, 2007

OMG, we're NOT done yet!

I M so, so sorry 2 tell U this, but while I was @ Liz's apt, and she put away her laundry, she shared more flashback-stories.

Liz was all, "My personality emerged when I learned 2 crawl." And I asked,"U actually remember this?" She sed, "Of couse not. I told U abt my script." I was like, "C'mon, Liz, I thot we were dun w/all this and ready 2 live our lives in real-time 4 a while." And Liz sed, "U think I don't want that, 2? But we're not dun yet, so listen up. She thot-bubbled 4 tymez. The 1st, there was baby Liz tumbling down a carpeted staircase, rolling backwards with a "BONK, BUMP, BUMP." 2nd bubble showed lil Lizzie @ the bottom of the staircase looking wide-eyed and holding her hed w/one hand as a pain orbit of planets and stars circled her hed. 3rd bubble had her crawling up the stairs, and 4th bubble had her reaching the top of the stairs and letting out a giant WAAAH!"

I was like, "W8, so how is this story an xxample of showing yr personality?" Liz sed, "Well, keeping in mind that I don't remember this @ all, I think what happened was that I climbed back up the staircase and w8ed until I got 2 the top B4 I cried, cuz I knew Mom was up there and wdn't hear me screaming if I was all the way @ the bottom. I think it was supposed 2 show that I wasn't actually hurt that badly and was being a baby drama queen." I was all, "Mom left U totally unattended downstairs, and didn't do NEthing 2 secure U in a baby-safe area, let alone putting a baby g8 @ the base of the stairs 2 keep U from, um doing what U did an' getting hurt?" Liz sed, "No1 took any child-safety precautions back then. It's a wonder we survived." I sed, "U know, I seem 2 remember a v. similar story from my own littlehood. Where I got hurt, cried, realized no1 was around 2 hear, repositioned myself near a parent, and cried again." Liz nodded, "There is lots of recycling of stories in our fam. But don't worry, we'll probably never get 2 yr story in our reminiscing. I don't think we'll last long enuf 2 B telling stories from the 1990s. I sed, "MayB U R rite."

Well, again w/the sorries. Let's hope v. v. hard 4 @ least a mid-week switch.


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  • At 10:35 AM, Blogger DreadedCandiru2 said…

    Sadly, we won't have the switch. Knowing your mom, we've got eleven more sets of thought bubbles to go. At least Sundays have a change of scenery.

  • At 11:34 AM, Blogger April Patterson said…

    i totally wish i did have the switch. these flashbax r deadly.



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