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Monday, April 14, 2008

Connie and Mom sum up

L8ly, when we've had a bunch of talk abt the past, we've kind of had sum1 lead in2 it, by mentioning sumthing abt the past, but then no concluding abt it when we return 2 present-tense talk. The week and a half we had of reminiscing we just had started after Connie brot up how, when they were young mothers, they had to "do it all." And this time, afterwards, Connie came over again to do sum kind of "summing up" w/Mom while walking the dogs.

When Mom was zipping up her jacket, Connie sed, "We were both hard-working young Moms, weren't we." She sed this like a st8ment, not a question. Mom sed, "I didn't have a full-time job like U did, Connie." As they walked outside, going in2 silhouette as Edgar and Sera went into white silhouette, Connie replied, "Yes, but U had 2 kids--and then, 3!" Mom added, "U were single. U did the work of BOTH parents!" Yeah, but only 4 a little while. Lawrence was pretty young when Connie married Greg. BTW, Mom left poor Dixie out of this walk. Again. Just cuz walking w/Sera is like sum kinda family reunion 4 Edgar (Sera is his mom) doesn't mean Dixie doesn't need a walk! So I put Dixie's leash on her and followed behind Connie and Mom.

NEway, Connie went, "I often wonder how we managed 2 do all of the things we did!" Heh, I'd like 2 sic Luis and Eva on them. "You're spoiled! At least U always had a house and an income and didn't live in a war zone or become a refugee and U never got amnesia or lost yr faculties!" Sorry guyz, but U know it's true! But Mom didn't say NEthing like that. Instead, she was like, "We're tuff, that's how.... Responsible, reliable, practical, determined and tuff." Yeah. Sure. And Connie added, "Don't 4get loving and 4giving!" Mom responded, "Rite! Sometimes, that was the tuffest part of all." Yeah, it was sooooo tuff, Mom simply "4got" abt it most of the time. That's Y she needed Connie 2 "remind" her.

I musta let out a lil snort or sumthing, and Connie looked over her shoulder @ me. I almost fell over, cuz 4 a sec, I thot it was Grandpa Jim looking @ me. She's really looking old l8ly. I hope leaving Mboro and not coming back will help keep me from ever looking like a man.


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  • At 1:18 PM, Anonymous jeremy jones said…

    april, now i read ur blog i think i unnerstand y were askin’ me those questions 2day. u know wen ur d8in’ sum1, one of the questions most guys don’t rilly xxpect 2 hear is, “jeremy, wud u still luv me if i looked like a man?” i don’t think my answer, “u mean, like w/the man parts & everythin’?” wuz wut u wunted 2 hear; cuz u kinda teared up & started sayin’ thingz 2 me ovah ur shoulder & i cudn’t hear them v. well. i cud tell i messed up & thass y i ran ‘round in fronta u & sed, “yes, april, i wud still luv u if u looked like a man, evn w/man parts & everythin’.” i guess i musta sed that a little 2 loud, cuz mosta the peeps who heard me started laffin’ & sum peeps have told me i wuz a freak 2 wunt a gr8, pretty girl like u 2 evah have a sex change operation. if guyz have been hittin’ on u & sayin’ u shud dump me, cuz they wud nevah wunt u2 look like a man, i think thass the reasn y. ru still mad @me?

  • At 6:09 PM, Blogger April Patterson said…

    jeremy, i had kind of a tuff time 2day, after, u know, the incident u wrote abt here. like whenev i'd go in2 the girls' washroom, other girls wd b all, "u can't come in here if u switch 2 having boy parts!" i'd say i didn't have boy parts, but they'd b like, "well, u'd better not," and go running out of the washroom. then after gym class, i was taking a shower when siobhan o'malley yanked the curtain back and then was all, "oh, look, she doesn't have boy parts, after all! u owe me $20, marcia!"

    so that all sucked. but then it all kinda died down after that. don't worry, jeremy. i know u were trying 2 b reassuring.



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