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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Homesick/Sick of Home

Oh, God! I just did one of those Patterson things where you take a normal expression & turn in upside down or inside out. Talking to Laura, I'm, like, yeah, I'm surprised I was homesick cuz I'd been sick of home. Ew, I didn't even realize I was doing one of those lame not-punchliney things until it was halfway out my mouth! What's wrong with me?

So, yeah, I've enjoyed driving the tractor (race with Steve!) and the fair (Steve won me a teddy bear!), but btw U all & me, spending time with the other grandparents was a bit weird. I'll tell U about them more l8r, Steve & I are gonna go see a movie!

Homesick* Apes out

*For my friends & Liz & the pets, but not so much for Mom. For Dad a bit & Gramps 2.


  • At 11:53 AM, Anonymous Liz said…

    Apes, forgive yourself for the pun. At least you realized you made it and were dismayed. Puns have been so deeply ingrained into our psyche that we can't help it. At least you didn't laugh at your pun for a good five minutes, spewing saliva all over with your sticky outtie tounge.

    So, last night after Becky and I got back from our Triple shots (I'll let Becky tell you what happened with the hunk and the funny story about hiding from Mom), I went to my room and was working on one of my cute little outfits for Shiimsa. Dad came in to talk to me and saw the dress and the needle and the thread. He got this excited look on his face. He took off like a shot and brought be back a whole box of people, material, buttons, thread and patterns. I sewed most of the night with him excitedly talking about his train plans and telling me the names of his "dolls". Mom sat on the phone talking to someone most of the night. I thought maybe it was Connie. Well, whoever it was seemed to be hysterical. Mom kept saying, "Calm down honey! Calm down! It will all work out the way we want it to. Don't worry." I hope Connie is doing ok cause if it was her something pretty bad had to have happened for her to be sobbing hysterically on the phone to Mom.

  • At 12:56 PM, Blogger howard said…


    I am so glad that you are having a good time out of town. Everyone needs a little time apart from their family to put things into perspective. Aside from my aunt and uncle, I have had several years away from mine, and I have never been better.

    From your sister’s post, it sounds like she and Becky had a really good time together. After my “attack” on your sister, I am so glad that she has recovered enough to go out for Triple shots. Becky is such a fine, young woman and I am sure she will be a good friend to your sister in your absence. You are so fortunate to have such a friend and belong to a caring family. From your sister’s post, it sounds like your mother is a source of comfort to her friends too.

    By the by, I do have a third-hand story that I am sure will help with your homesickness. You may remember a few days ago, Lawrence tried to deliver my Mohawk wigs and some earrings to your house so you could play a little trick on your mother. Well, when Lawrence came back, he told me he could not deliver my stuff, because you were out of town. He said he had asked your father, if he could just leave it in your room until you got back, but your father said that would not be a good idea. “Elly has been scouring April’s room for dirt every day she’s been gone, if you know what I mean,” Lawrence reported from your dad. I told Lawrence that I had just washed and oiled the wigs and polished the jewelry, so they were all clean. Lawrence just laughed and patted my head and said, “Howard. Howard. Howard. This is why Nick and I like you so much.” Then he walked away chuckling. It’s so nice to be appreciated for one’s cleanliness. Anyway, long story short, it sounds like when you come home, your room will be really, really clean, all thanks to your mother.

    Howard Kelpfroth

  • At 1:35 PM, Blogger April Patterson said…

    oh, man, liz, i'm sorry 2 hear that u got roped in2 doing the costumes for the little train ppl. the last time that happened 2 me, my fingers were sore 4 weeks from all the sewing. i'm so glad u & becks had fun & i can't wait 2 hear those deets from her.

    liz, do u think u heard ma talking 2 mike about how their scheme 2 get u & a. tog will work? i don't think ma ever calls connie "honey", but it totally sounds like the way ma talks to mike.

    howard, thanx 4 telling me that story abt my mom & my room. it totally soundz like she's been snooping. i knew it!!! i'm so glad i left that fake diary 4 her 2 find under my mattress. i go on & on abt how she's so wise & helpful, how i luv community service, & visiting gramps is 1 of my fave things. ha ha ha!


  • At 1:56 PM, Blogger howard said…


    You are such a little dickens, playing those tricks on your mother! You should get together with my aunt and uncle some time. They love practical jokes.

    Admiring your cleverness,
    Howard Kelpfroth

  • At 2:16 PM, Anonymous becky mcguire said…

    yeah howie don't worry apes stashed her real diary an' all our copies of tiger beat at my place.

    ok, the story of the hunk: liz an' i were in the coffee shop drinking our triple shots an' we were both kinda buzzed on caffeine when these 2 guys came over. they were really hott an' were like liz's age. neway, 1 of them started flirting with liz an' the other 1 flirted with me. i wuz just playing it kewl but i knew that the guy thought i wuz liz's age! then liz's guy invited us 2 a party at a frat house that nite. then my guy sed, "don't worry about needing a dd, if u get 2 drunk 2 drive, u can stay over in my room!!!" b4 i could say anything, liz sed, "she's only 14 you pervo!" the guy totally wigged out an' ran outta the coffee shop super fast. we laughed about it the whole way home on liz's motorcycle (which is way sweet).

    then we went back 2 the p's place cuz liz wanted me 2 help her with shiimsa's outfits. give her a fashion opinion or something. well we get there an' we're going in the front door when mrs. p sez 2 liz, "oh good ur back frum meeting that becky brat, i don't like u hanging out with her!" she didn't see me yet so i jumped down in2 the bushes an' hid an' listened while mrs. p totally went off about how i'm a bad influence on apes an' how i'm frum the "wrong side of the tracks" an' how my dad is in jail an' how that's a disgrace on the patterson name 2 hang out with me or something. then i heard her rambling on about how i smashed her foot at the b's party an' how now it hurts when it rains just like her sufinkter. (what the hell is a sufinkter anyway?) neway then mrs. p told liz 2 get dinner on the table an' she came out in the yard! i wuz still in the bushes an' had no where 2 run. mrs. p got the hose an' started watering the flowerbeds. i wuz in there like an hour an' got watered on the whole time! liz kept looking out the window at me an' laughing. totally not funny liz!!!

    also i think apes is rite ur mom wuz talking 2 mike about how the plan with anthony went awry. that is totally the kind of thing she would get in on remember how she wuz kind of acting like it would be good 4 u 2 get back with anthony awhile back? i think when u broke ur foot apes told me.

    gotta go. becks.

  • At 2:31 PM, Blogger April Patterson said…

    aw, liz, u shdn't have laffed @ becks when mom wuz watering her. that's uncube!

    that story about the guys @ the coffee shop is 2 funny! i wish i'd been there 2 c that!

  • At 5:21 PM, Anonymous Liz said…

    I'm sorry about laughing at Mom watering you Becky. It just hit me in the funny bone, besides I wouldn't have been able to stop Mom from watering the garden without turning off the water and I was kinda scared of incuring her wrath. I wish the world could see that kinda stuff instead of boring things like me talking to my cat. Who wants to see me talking to the cat? Ok other than Anthony.

    I went out with a towel to get you btw but you were gone. Where did you go so fast? Not that I blame you from running from Mom. But, well she came in from water she was shaking her head. She said to me, "Oh that poor poor Becky. She is sitting in the bushes crying her eyes out. We should have her living with us. Poor only child."
    I responded with, "But you watered her!" Mom replied, "A little water won't hurt her. She's not like our April, she's not made of sugar and won't melt in the rain. Besides she shouldn't have sat in the garden while I was completing my watering routine." She said she'd been thinking and maybe I'd be a good influence on you and "we" could Pattersonize you. Oh man! So, if you want to help me sew some Shiimsa clothes you'll have to come over before Mom gets home, and if you don't feel like seeing her you can sneak out the window, just don't try it while she's watering the garden.

    I don't think she was talking to Mike. She calls Mike, Mr. Snugglybear. Plus when Mike is upset she sings that weird little Mommy and Me song.

    And Apes, have you seen the little train person doll Dad has named, "Mrs. Stinkybottom"? It's the one he puts on the track and lets the train run over again and again and again. Doesn't she look an awful lot like Mom, or is that my imagination?

  • At 5:28 PM, Blogger April Patterson said…

    liz, mrs. stinkybottom totally lks like mom, esp. now since dad's restyled her hair w/a big, fat bun. also, he expanded the doll's ass using my old play-doh.

    mom mighta held back fr. saying "mr. snugglybear" in case u were listening. she thinks she's a master of covert ops, but she so isn't.

  • At 6:07 PM, Anonymous becky mcguire said…

    apes, it's ok about liz laughing. i wuz laughing too, which is how come mrs. p ended up seeing me in the bushes. i wuz trying 2 hide, but gutbusting laughter doesn't work 2 well with stealth. of course then she yelled at me for mashing her tulips--even tho there weren't any tulips there, just woodchips an' old dead weeds.

    omg i m scared now i don't want 2 get pattersonized! an' i especially don't want 2 live at ur house no offense. i luv u apes an' liz is kewl but ur mom is psycho an' ur dad...well, i used 2 think he wuz ok but he seems 2 really hate me now i think ur mom got to him or something. i have 2 admit he is still a little kewl if he has a big butt doll of ur mom that he runs over with trains. but how come he does'nt just divorce her if he hates her so much?

    confused, becks

  • At 6:20 PM, Blogger April Patterson said…

    becks, sometimes i think my parents will split, but then they don't. it's almost like they stay tog. out of spite 4 ea other. it's weird, i know. that whole thing w/the flower bed soundz 2 funny. my mom totally wants 2 believe she has tulips.

    i don't think u cd be pattersonized. u r way 2 Qb 4 that. mayB sometime it wd b funny if u cd get my mom 2 think u've been "converted" tho. lol.

  • At 6:35 PM, Anonymous becky mcguire said…

    ok, if it's a spite thing, i totally get that. when my dad left 2 run off with his gf, my mom ran his golf clubs over with the car an' left the top down on his convertible in the rain. she sed that was "for spite" too.

    but prolly the meanest thing ur mom can do 2 anyone is stay married 2 them!

    lol, becks

    p.s.--i think i can play converted next time i come over i will wear some of my grandma's old clothes she wuz a librarian at a catholic girls school an' most of her clothes are grey wool. major uggo.

  • At 7:17 PM, Blogger howard said…


    From Elizabeth’s and Becky’s posts it sounds like your mother is quite the practical joker. Becky is a “blossoming flower” and has two lips (tulips get it?) but she does not need watering. Hee hee. Your mother sounds very silly.

    My guess about your mother’s phone conversation your sister overheard is that she was probably giving some beekeeper she knows advice on dealing with upset bees. I doubt your mother had anything to do with Lawrence and Nick’s “friend” that arranged my “attack” on Elizabeth. That’s not something mothers do. They may throw you out of the house when you are16 to teach you a lesson; but not encourage you to break up someone’s marriage -- unless the guy is really rich or has a wealthy family or has a royal title or is a celebrity or something like that. But even if they are rich and / or famous, married men are trouble. Believe me, I know. They say they are going to divorce their wife, but they just end up running off with their girlfriend in your car, because their convertible has been ruined.

    Excuse me. Pardon my inappropriate ranting. I guess I am a little stressed out by my upcoming jail time that is sure to occur whenever your sister gets around to pressing charges against me. What I meant to say was that I am sure that your mother is very nice.

    By the by, I was confused when you were talking about being “pattersonized”? Is it anything like “Simonized”?

    Howard Kelpfroth

  • At 7:35 PM, Blogger April Patterson said…

    lol, becks. mayb u cd tell my mom that after she "watered" u, u went home & suddenly u had an urge 2 be all "respectable" and "responsible". my ma wd eat that up!

    howard, i wish it were true that my mom were making jokes, but she's just as scary as ppl here have been saying. & she doesn't know NE beekeepers. i don't blame u 4 being scared abt the whole jail thing. i hope everything gets sorted out in a fair way, u know?

  • At 9:04 PM, Anonymous Liz said…

    Well, I talked to Lawrence and he said his mom is doing good and can I please encourage Mom not to call her because she always ends up with a migrain afterward.

    Mom could have been talking to Beatrice. It would be hard to work for mom and Beatrice seems the push over easy type, plus she's desperate to please Mom, which pleases Mom.

    Becky if you are going to play that prank with Mom, you better make sure you wear your hair up and restrain it. To her wild carefree locks means, "loose woman".

    Howard, I rather loath addressing you because I'm not entirely sure you're being up front with us and not playing a sick game but. Being Simonized Becky, April don't read this next line: (I almost typed sodomized) is like having a good wash, getting your skin squeaky clean. Being Pattersonized is like being brainwashed.

  • At 9:12 PM, Anonymous becky mcguire said…

    apes no way will i tell ur mom it happened cuz of the water if i did she would water me all the time an' prolly she'd water lots of other people too.

    howard are u trying 2 say that u used 2 date my dad?!? altho i guess that wouldn't be 2 surprizing cuz mom used 2 say dad wd do it with anything in a dress an' u wear dresses sometimes 4 the opera.

    apes, hurry up an' get back here! it feels like u've been gone forever it's so boring here. but then sometimes i think about it an' it seems like u've only been gone a week or 2. weird.

    lylas, becks

  • At 9:13 PM, Anonymous Luann DeGroot said…

    If it makes u feel better April, I can totally understand what it's like 2 have an obnoxious older brother. At least ur brother's funny becuz he's flaky. Brad's just a meathead. Toni Daytona will never go out w/him because it looks like parasites live in his eyebrows.

    If u, Becki, Marjee n Vicki r ever in my town, maybe we could play a practical joke on that b*^#h Tiffany. She thinks she's so kewl because her parents let her get plastic surgery at 14.

    Have fun on the farm, April! I wish I could get away from my parents too.

  • At 9:18 PM, Anonymous Gerald said…

    My precious flower April. My computer has been down since like, grad so I haven't been online.

    My computer was attacked by a viscous virus. I had Jason Fox come over and fix things and he yelled at me for something about something someone called The C. said. But there is no way I could be The C because I haven't been able to be on the computer in a long time. So I am not The C you see? I suspect that evil knave Jeremy Jones, because he really wants you bad April.

    So who is this Steve guy? You've kissed him? There is not way he kisses better than me. I don't mind you stepping out on me because life experience is good. But someday when we're married, I'm going to wipe away any memory of any guy you've kissed with the majesty of my own two lips.

    And some ten year old kid really has it bad for you Becky. He said that if I spread ugly rumors about you he'd break my rear end into multiple fractions then convert them into decmil points and divide that by my I.Q.

  • At 9:47 PM, Blogger April Patterson said…

    lol, becks, u r rite, better not 2 tell my ma that abt the watering! oh, & it's true what liz sez abt the hair!

    yeh, i feel i've been away 4ever (not evah) but it also kinda flew. go fig. time is so weird in our world.

    gerald, i haven't kissed steve, but since u let me know it's ok w/u, i'll def. kiss him the next time i c him. experience can b a gd thing, as u say. i m way 2 young 2 think abt getting married. i'll give u the ben. of the doubt w/the whole C thing.

    luann, i heard abt that tiffany girl. sounds like a real bitch! i heard that brad @ least saves lives. my bro saves coupons @ best.

    liz, i don't think ma has ever called beatrice "honey". "lackey" sometimes, when b. is out of hearing range & ma thinx she's being funny.


  • At 9:58 PM, Anonymous Gerald said…

    No really April it's better that you don't kiss another guy because then you'll pick up other guys bad kissing habits. Plus I hear that when you kiss someone you are also kissing all the people they have kissed and I don't want to kiss Steve.

    What I mean to say is I would really like it if you kept yur lips only for me. So don't go kissin Steve under that apple tree. And if you do I might tell Mrs. P. In a fit of jealousy. Or I might find Steve and bust his butt in to infentesimal fractoids or something like that.

  • At 10:06 PM, Blogger howard said…


    I am not supposed to talk to your sister directly, but please tell her for me that I appreciate her taking the time to help me learn a new word. I understand she is a teacher by trade, and it sure shows. The guys at Lakeshore Landscaping all admire her work ethic and when she is not around, they refer to her by the sobriquet “Punnerson,” I presume because of her punctuality. Also, they often mention in hushed giggles the catchphrase of her favorite charitable cause: “No Naked Cats.” As you can tell, she is very, well-liked and you should be proud to have such a fine woman as your sister.

    According to this Gerald guy’s posts, you and Becky appear to be well-admired by the young gentlemen. Reading his posts reminded me of my younger days, when I had many gentlemen callers. Alas, I’ve not met you in person, April, but if you are as charming a young lady as your friend Becky, both your fathers will be beating them off with a stick. I know my father did, when I was young.

    Oops! Becky, if you are reading this, sorry for mentioning fathers. I know it’s a sore subject with you. By the by, I make it a policy to never date my friends’ fathers, grandfathers, uncles or sugar daddies. That married guy I mentioned in my previous post is probably some other guy with a ruined convertible who ran off with his girlfriend. It’s a pretty common occurrence, you know.

    Wait a minute! Gerald?!! You know Lawrence and Nick came up to me a few days ago and said their “friend” was wondering if I would be willing to take fall pretend-fighting a guy named Gerald. It’s probably a coincidence. There are lots of guys named Gerald.

    Howard Kelpfroth

  • At 10:34 PM, Anonymous becky mcguire said…

    omg too many people post 2 this blog witch is kewl but its so hard 2 keep up!

    liz don't worry i bought this thing called "bun eezz" that puts your hair in a bun it's kind of like a topsy-tail except 4 buns. trust me i know about your moms attitude about long hair especially curly hair one time when i was over 4 dinner she told me, "i can't believe ur mother lets u run around like that with ur hair all down its' a disgrace. an' why hasn't she had your hair straightened doesn't she know only whores and theater folk have curly hair?" (sorry howard but i think she ment 2 slam actors there)

    gerald yes i know jason fox is a new pal of mine he is gonna tutor me in math but i don't think he has a crush on me he made me pinky swear that i wouldn't "get mushy on him like eileen."

    an' i bet u were 2 The C cuz ur sex moves are way lame. i saw u behind the gym at the dance remember? i couldn't believe apes fell 4 those lame moves. an' she sez u kiss like a dead trout.

    apes, u should def kiss steve. he sounds HOTTTT! i wish i had some1 hott 2 kiss. oh well i'm on a break frum boys anyway after jeffo i think i need 2 take at least a year 2 get my head on strait again he really messed me up bad about guys.

    howard, i don't think there r a lot of guys running around with ruined convertibles cuz when it happened the story wuz on the front page of the "M-Boro Shop n' Saver." some1's car getting wrecked is big news around here cuz m-boro is so boring. also, my dad is 6'5" with wild curly blonde hair an' a tattoo on his left arm with a heart that sez "becky" in it. does that sound like ur ex?

    whew, u guyz r wearing me out!


  • At 11:07 PM, Blogger howard said…


    When you are as popular a young lady as you obviously are, it is difficult to keep up with the social demands. Since you are clearly on the way to becoming a world class superstar musician, you might want to think about getting an agent to answer these Blog posts for you. I think Cher uses one.

    To answer your question about the married guy I fell for (I really cannot call him my ex, since to have an ex you would have to have had a real relationship to begin with!! But I digress.), he did have curly blonde hair (even though he was not in theater per se). He did have a tattoo on his left arm with a heart that said “Becky.” But I am sure that he was at least 6’6”, so it could not possibly have been the same guy. Please believe me. I don’t want you looking at me funny the next time we have tea. It would break my heart. I am going to need all the friends I can get once I am locked up in prison after Elizabeth finally presses charges.

    Please excuse me. That begging is entirely uncalled for. You are an exceptional person with a fine career ahead of you and you don’t need my problems to weigh you down.

    Howard Kelpfroth

  • At 12:10 AM, Anonymous becky mcguire said…

    don't worry about it howie we're buds an' u can alwayz talk about ur problems 2 ur buds. don't worry i like u fine so u don't have 2 always compliment me like u do sucking up isn't required. :)

    i think it prolly wuz my dad u were dating. that's ok i won't look at u weird. mom an' i kinda suspected he wuz playing 4 both teams cuz he seems 2 know lawrence an' nick a little 2 well he would always say he knows them from "around" an' then wink at me when mom's back wuz turned.

    u know howie, i'm starting 2 think that liz isn't gonna call the cops after all mayb u will get a 2nd chance. just make sure u steer clear of the pattersons an' their friends--except 4 me an' april. that will help keep u out of trouble they don't like anybody with a k name.

    ttfn, becks

  • At 4:08 AM, Blogger howard said…


    I looked over my posts today, and I am frankly, a little embarrassed. I have been taking an anti-depressant medication and it was really messing me up. The doctor says it takes a little while to get the proper dosage with that stuff.

    Anyway, I need to explain about me and your dad. I didn’t really “date” your father. He bought me a lot of drinks in a bar one night and he kind of turned my head with sweet talk and the promise of a relationship, just before he drove off with my car. I think he was looking for something to replace the convertible, and he thought I was easy mark, which I was. It’s the same old story with me, one moment you think someone likes you, and the next moment you’re involved in a criminal act.

    Like you, my growing up years weren’t so great and we have the same love of music. So when I first met you, I saw a younger version of me, except for you being female, hetero, and pretty. When you log posts about your family life, I just want to reach out and tell you, “It’s OK. You can get through this. You’re a really great person.” Sometimes that comes out as “sucking up.” I have been told that my language is a little flamboyant, but self-esteem is very important at your age, and I just want to make sure that you get your fair share of compliments. You certainly are deserving of them.

    As for the situation with Elizabeth, some people I know tell me that her father will not let my “attack” go unreported, even if she hems and haws about going to the police. I will be very surprised if I do not do jail time for the “attack.” That’s kind of depressing, but it would be imprudent of me not to face the fact. Until that day comes, I plan to keep posting to you and April.

    Your bud,
    Howie Kelpfroth

  • At 7:52 AM, Anonymous duncan said…

    Howard, if ne1 ever gets around 2 busting u, u should hire my lawyer, hes the best. If u hire him I bet u wont do ne jail time. But mayB hes 2 busy right now with that French lady an' the French baby. I saw her again yesterday, an' she said that she wants her divorce papers served b4 school starts 'cos she doesnt want 2 pay xtra 2 send them 2 Mtig-something.

  • At 9:05 AM, Anonymous becky mcguire said…

    howie, you should listen 2 dunc an' get his lawyer. i tried real hard 2 put him in jail but his lawyer kept him out even tho he had hid secret cameras in the houses of like half the girls in m-boro. if u have 2 get punished it could just be probation. mayb liz would think that wuz fair enuff cuz u got tricked by mike an' lawrence.

    also, u r just the sweetest guy i ever met. i wuz just kidding about the sucking up but ur compliments were pretty strong an' i wuz getting a little embarrassed. don't worry about bing embarrassed or anything about what u wrote cuz we all need someone 2 talk 2. don't worry my life isn't totally sucky i have apes as a bff an' i know my mom an' dad luv me they're just kinda messed up. (after all mom an' dad have matching 'becky' tattoos!)

    howie, i m also sorry dad suckered u. i will talk 2 him about returning ur car if he still has it. u r gonna have 2 be a little less gullible!

    dunc, that is totally funny about how therese is gonna send her divorce papers 2 liz that means she is trying 2 claim divorce based on anthony cheating with liz! i know cuz that's what my mom did with dad.

    your bud becks

  • At 9:52 AM, Blogger April Patterson said…

    ger, u better not b plotting w/mike 2 pull a "going after"! if u do i will nev 4give u!

    it's true, howard, dunc has an awesome lawyer. u shd get those digits fr. dunc.

    uh-oh, liz, it soundz like u r getting a rep 4 the Patterson punning disease!

    becks, do u think that "new" car yr dad was suddenly driving around that time came fr. howard? :(

  • At 10:41 AM, Anonymous becky mcguire said…

    yeah it prolly wuz howard's. the first reason is cuz mom had his bank accounts frozen when he ran out on us. the second reason is that the personalized license plate on the car sed "howard." i just figured he wuz changing his name 2 hide frum mom but i guess not.

    if ger plots a going after on u i will kick his butt into outer space, then get dunc's lawyer 2 sue him.


    p.s.--i m thinking of changing my last name 2 a stage name. i dunno mcguire just sounds so blah sometimes. any ideas?

  • At 11:14 AM, Blogger April Patterson said…

    i think mcguire is a gd name, but if u don't like it, i will help u think of others. @ home i've got an encyclopedia of names that goes back 2 the 1st century. yeh, i know it's dorky, but sometimes i use it when i write songz & i want some1 2 have an interesting name.

  • At 12:27 PM, Anonymous becky mcguire said…

    that's not dorky that's kewl an' i bet we can find a kick ass name in there! i wuz also thinking of calling myself something like becky starr but that's lame cuz of that beatles guy. what about "becky love"? does that sound too roadside? i don't want a name that sounds like a porno name. i want it 2 b classy.

  • At 12:53 PM, Blogger April Patterson said…

    also if u use starr, ppl mite think u r related 2 brenda. & w/love, they cd b thinking hewitt. don't worry, we'll find a Qb name in my book @ home!

  • At 1:11 PM, Anonymous brian dribbledraph said…

    i dont think u have to worry about going 2 teh big house howard. my dad's friend is a cop & he says that if charges arent pressed rite away the cops dont take it seriously & thnk that the woman was "asking 4 it". i think u will b in the clear.


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