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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

August 2006 Letters From My Fam R Up!

I hope U all won't B 2 disappointed if, insteada posting my usual super-long monthly letters post that takes me 4evs 2 write, I just give U the linx so U can read an' post whatev questions and comments U mite have. Mike an' Liz can answer stuff abt their letterz if they feel like it. Oh, a coupla comments about my letter. One, I originally started it like, "Hey, peeps, thanx 4 yr interest in our fam! Since I M the host of the family an' I know U all read MY letter first, first, first, let me welcome U 2 the August letterz!" Which was my way of making fun of Mom's habit of starting her letterz kinda like that. And not only did she get Steph the web designer 2 take that part outta my letter, she got her 2 take it out Mom's letter, 2, LOL! Oh, and I originally wasn't like "if" I go 2 uni away fr. Milboro, I was like "when", but Mom didn't like that an' had it changed.

Anyway, links 2 the rest:

Well, have @ it, ppl!



  • At 9:06 PM, Anonymous jeremy jones said…

    april, i read ur monthly letter. so did rebeccah. i hafta say i am rilly glad the letter did not insult me this tyme. plus u gave me credit 4 doin’ rebeccah’s sound & lites, which iz cube. thanx. sum peeps on this tour do not give me credit 4 the lites. it’s a new thing 4 me 2 do, but it wuz ez 2 hook the sound board & the lite board 2 the same control panel so i cud synch the sound fx & lite fx 2gethah. i think it looks v. cube. but there r sum peeps here who don’t like a 15-yo doin’ that kinda stuff, evn if i do luk 40.

    i am kinda upset u nevah mentioned the trip 2 duncan’s ‘rents cottage b4. i thot u guyz just went 2 a local beach, & not sum place private & spendin’ the nite. i am rilly wonderin’ why eva wuz there & duncan wuz there & zandra wuz not there. i’m tryin’ rilly hard not 2 get upset or let my imagination run away on me.

    rebeccah can rite her own stuff. but just 2 let u know n advance, she’z glad u plugged her cd. she’z a little mad, the only gig of hers u mentioned wuz the heritage fest n rocky falls, cuz rocky falls iz so small, it duzn’t appear on most maps. she thinks, & i think she is rite ‘bout this, her other gigs were bigger than “other summer community gigs.” i mean they were “summer community gigs” but sum of thoze communities were pretty big.

    we both figger the line ‘bout “wondering how she'z gonna do n skool” is frum ur mom. mainly cuz the letter duzn’t say the same thing ‘bout me az rebeccah & if it wuz b-ing fair, it wud. also, cuz ur mom haz had a thing ‘bout rebeccah 4 awhile. also, cuz we figger u cud care less whether or not rebeccah studied 4 skool n the summer, eh?

  • At 9:23 PM, Anonymous Michael Patterson said…


    Little sis. I guess a few words of explanation on my letter may be in order. Sheilagh Shaughnessy has taken charge of my mind and I'm simply writing down what she tells me to. She did tell me that her story was too similar to a movie called The War Bride and so she decided she wanted to live in Bodner Saskatchewan, and not Alberta after all. I don’t mind. Since her story is a comedy now, Bodner Saskatchewan is a lot funnier sounding than Alberta. I was surprised that a post WW II woman would be aware of modern movies, but who am I to question my character. She is completely in charge of the book and not my publisher’s assistant, who pointed out the similarity when I pitched the general outline of the story.

    Also, I know Junior Kindergarten is for children who are 4 years old by the time school starts in September, but in the case of my daughter, the school realized how exceptional she was and realized it would be a travesty of justice for such a talented child to not start right away. It didn’t have anything to do with my lovely Dee mentioning it to her mother who mentioned it to her father who pulled some strings with people he knows. We would never accept any kind of aid from Deanna’s parents, except for taking care of the kids while we had our yard sale of course.

    There was a young woman who was helping us out with my son’s earaches. I forget her name now. But, she completely disappeared this month and I can barely remember her at all anymore. Also, Deanna’s sister Andrea had to postpone her planned visit. I am not sure of the reason. I had hoped Sheilagh would tell me the reason, but she has not. Being a true writer is like wakeful dreaming, spirit writing, a self-induced trip into the world of...someone else. Man, I shouldn’t have smoked that stuff at Weed’s. I am really tripping.

    Michael Patterson

  • At 10:08 PM, Blogger Vicki Simone said…

    Say Michael, why does Deanna "keep" money stashed n the "house" instead of n a bank account where u don't have 2 worry about it getting destroyed n a fire? Since Sheilagh (is it pronounced She-log?) is telling you what 2 do, did she tell u 2 tell Deanna 2 keep money stashed n the mattress or wherevs since rural Saskatchewan didn't have modern banks?

    I read yr dad's letter, & it was funny that he mentioned the teeny-tiny house bcause me & Gordie were heading down Sharon Park Drive the other day (he was on his board, I was on my bike), and yr dad was casing the property w/binoculars & a digital camera around his neck. He turned n my direction, looked all surprised & said "Well, August is almost here, Violet!" "Yep, sure is!" I replied. I didn't feel like correcting him again.


  • At 10:54 PM, Anonymous Steve Nichols said…

    Howdy April,

    Anne says that you kids use this internet thingy to talk about what's going on. There's something going on. I would have called your mom or Anne, but I didn't want anyone to use Caller ID to see where I was calling from.

    I was driving back from the trasheap with this great collection of commemorative sugar spoons and thimbles, someone had just dumped them there in a box with a "Portrait" magazine shipping lable, looked valuable, but that's neither here nor there. I see fireworks in the distance and I wondered what the heck was going on, this being an ordinary Tuesday.

    Anyway it's coming from Mayes Midtown motors and I see enough police lights for one of those Die Hard movies (which is the way I wanna go heh heh heh).

    So I get out of the car as close as they'll let me to watch and someone's pumpin' "Age of Aquarius" through the pump overhang speaker system that usually plays muzak and there's a naked guy with mustache and a "Who Farted" trucker hat hangin' on his johnson, still with the price-tag on it. The hat that is. The police are talking to him through megaphones but keeping their distance because he's spraying unleaded on the parking lot in front of the convience store with a lit cigarette lighter handy. Dancing like a spastic orangutan the whole time.

    So the silly sumbitch drops the handle and lights it off and it turns out he made sort of a half-assed maple leaf, or maybe a really bushy pooner, I'm not sure which, but we only got a chance to admire his handywork for about three seconds when the whole works went up and blew him right through the windows of the gas 'n sip. A fireman told me they had to cut him out of a cinnamon bun case with the jaws of life. All the while he was begging them to save the glass shards embedded in his skin for decoupage.

    Anyway I thought you should know since Liz just got a car there and everything. Looks like part of the lot might be on fire.

    This thing doesn't record what computer I'm posting from, right? Just call me,

    Nick Stevens

  • At 12:40 AM, Blogger Luann DeGroot said…

    O...M...G. Sounds like my brother will b calling me w/another episode in the Caine family saga 2nite.


  • At 1:34 AM, Anonymous liz patterson said…

    Goodness, I hope Anthony is home, safe and sound. That man at Gordon's lot sounds like a maniac.

    By the way April, don't miss the letter I wrote in your Tuesday entry below.



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