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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Frilly Nizzie In Unremembered Flashbacks

So, if U R bored w/these stories I've been sharing over more than 3 wks, imagine hearing them over the course of ONE DAY, @ the laundromat, in Lizzie's car, in my driveway, in Lizzie's car sum more, @ the Country Kitchen @ Mayes Midtown Motors, and then @ Liz's apt.

Yeah, well, after Liz had finished w/her thot[less]-bubbled story that I shared yesterday, abt Lizzie unattended sum more in the Baby Deathtrap House, I was like,aircase 2 the exit of Liz's apt, and I ran 2 the nearest bus stop. But then I found that Liz had found me, and she was all, "We R NOT dun. U'll like my next story, it is sooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE!"

Then I hadta watch 4 consecutive bubbles spring from Liz's head. 1st had Dad d "Liz, I've gotta get outta here! If U won't drive me, I'll catch a bus home!" I clomped up the strying dishes, as Mom was dressing Liz and Dad's speech bubble was all, "R U putting another frilly dress on that baby?" 2nd thot bubble had him taking baby Nizzie from Mom w/his speech bubble going, "Honestly, Elly... Sometimes U'd think Lizzy was a toy doll!" 3rd bubble had Dad carrying baby Liz away and Mom speech bubbling, "So where R U 2 going?" Last bubble was Dad blushing while his speech bubble was, like, "Er.. Well... I thot I'd take her out and show her off...."

I was like, "Do you know how frequently these buses And Liz was all, "Don't U C? I was a CUTE baby! Anthony needs 2 know I can make a cute baby w/him!" I was like, "I dunno, what if the baby came out looking just like a mini-ANTHONY?" She was like, "April U R HORRIBLE! C'mon, let's go back inside!" I was all, "Liz, we already have more than 3 wks worth of stories 4 my poor blog--ppl R gonna think we're never gonna live in realtime ever again!" Liz sed, "I have my instructions."

So, yeah, we R so not dun w/all this ptless reminiscing.


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  • At 11:06 AM, Blogger DreadedCandiru2 said…

    I'm guessing his trip out lasted all of fifteen minutes: the time it took for baby Lizzie to spit up, tear at and generally tuin that frilly little outfit. After she was no longer a cute little doll Train Ma-- Your dad could show off, he had no more use for her. But then, that's the story of your lives, ain't it?

  • At 1:42 PM, Blogger April Patterson said…

    pretty much. dad's always had a short attention span when it comes 2 b-ing a dad.



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