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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Gramps Deathwatch for the New Year

Hey, every1, so it's New Year's Eve Eve, eh? Gramps had such a gd time writing that e-mail I shared w/U yesterday, he's sent me another:
Dear April,

Well, I'm still here! Can you believe it? These days, I never can. I have another story to share with you. It's a little thing I call "Gramps Deathwatch for the New Year." Please use that as the title of your next blog entry if you share this message with your friends. It sounds cynical, I know, but I think it captures my story perfectly.

My building had an early New Year's party. I guess they figured at our age, we don't stay up to watch the ball drop anyway, so might as well have the celebration a couple of days early. Iris got me into a dress shirt, tie, and dinner jacket, and wheeled my chair to the elevator. The rec room was decorated with streamers, balloons, and a large "HAPPY NEW YEAR" banner. This brought back memories of my high-school gym dressed up for school dances.

At about ten seconds before 8 PM, we were asked to pretend it was almost midnight so that we could simulate the new year's countdown. Once everyone had counted down, those of us who have the power to speak (read: not me) yelled out "Happy New Year!" And used those damn fool noisemakers that hurt my ears. Ow! Then a white-haired crone with scary, spider hands played the pianna while those with voices sang "Auld Lang Zyne." Then they segued into "We're All Together Again." When the song came to "And who knows whennnn we'll be all together againnnn" I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, that Iris was giving me a sidelong glance that was both sad and pointed. See what I mean about "deathwatch," April? She gave me a kiss on the cheek, and I sensed she was probably thinking "Happy New Year, Jim." That was kind of odd (not the kiss, the confining herself to thoughts). Usually, Iris is the one who speaks out loud, and I am the one reduced to my thoughts.

Odder still, I experienced the whole evening without thinking at all. I was in some kind of a weird, "Zen" state, I think the New-Agey types call it.

Well, Happy New Year in advance, in case I don't make it to '08.


Grandpa Jim
Aw, Gramps, I wish U wdn't say things like that! Happy New Year 2 U an' Iris.


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  • At 7:53 AM, Blogger DreadedCandiru2 said…

    I wish I didn't have to agree with him when he did but we can't hold back the hands of time. Sooner or later, like it or not, you've got to get ready toface that fact. I mean, someone in your family has to. Your parents and siblings won't.

  • At 12:02 PM, Blogger April Patterson said…

    yeah, it's true. sad but true.


  • At 1:13 PM, Anonymous liz patterson said…


    Try to keep in mind what Dad always says at these moments, "I hope Grandpa dies soon, it would be more convenient for us all, heck, if my Mom and Dad died soon, that would be most convenient of all, because then I could scratch that 'pretend to care about Mom and Dad' off my to-do list, it is very inconvenient to have to do that once every 5 years," and then I said, "Dad, what about when you get old?" and he muttered something like, "Don't worry, I'll probably hang myself long before then," but when I was surprised and asked him to repeat himself, he told me that all he said was, "Don't worry, we'll be Michael's responsibility, after all, he's the one who got the house," well, that was very relieving, I don't think Anthony much cares for us to have relatives, he ignores his parents except for when he needs his mom to babysit, he says that Mayes Midtown Motors are like his real family now, oh, did you guys know, Anthony took me over to Gordon's house to present him with his Christmas gift, and Anthony actually knelt at his feet and bowed?, that is sure to mean steady employment for years to come.


  • At 2:30 PM, Blogger April Patterson said…

    that's all v. sad. sumday, i'll leave mboro and form a new fam whose members care abt 1 another.



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