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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Thanks, Connie!

I just hafta say, thanks, Connie, 4 going shopping w/my mom so I didn't have 2. Mom got it in her head 2 go 2 the mall brite & early again cuz they were having special sales w/limited, 1st-come, 1st serve merch. & somehow she roped Connie Poirier in2 going w/her. She just got back & I heard her tellin' Dad all abt how Connie's "pride" kept her fr. saving $ w/the senior discount. Ma was all, "I cd get used 2 this, John. I'm gonna go upstairz & make myself look even frumpier so more salespeople will assume I'm a senior! Whoo! Five bucks!" Dad sat down & kinda shook his head @ Mom's back as she went up the stairs. Then he muttered something abt how she needn't try so hard 2 look old & decrepit.

Dunc & his dad will B here l8r so our dads can play their little choo-choo gamez & Dunc & I can jam. Dunc sez Mom's been feeding Kimmi LaSalle's mom all kindsa stuff abt how he's a bad seed & even gave her a brochure abt getting law-enforcement 2 keep him away. This is so weird cuz my mom's alwayz going on & on 2 me abt how Dunc is like fam & he's so wonderful. Wait. OMG, Dunc, I think that's it. If my mom thinx of U as an honorary member of the fam, that meanz she thinx it's OK 4 her 2 meddle in2 yr love life. & she musta decided that Kimmi's not good enuf 4 U. OMG, that reminds me. I saw her holding a picture of U next 2 Keesha Grant's middle-school yearbook pic & saying how cute U'd look 2gether.

Oh, Dunc, I think Beckers is rite & U totally need 2 do that Hurricane Katrina benny @ the Freemans. Cuz it's gonna B massively gr8 exposure. & I know Huey & Riley wanna get U 2 do a bunch of rap stuff. Even some of yr own, cuz they found yr samples online. Now, just 2 prepare U, Huey's gonna want U 2 wear yr hair in a 'fro & Riley's gonna want U 2 do cornrows. MayB U shd shave yr head, LOL.



  • At 12:29 PM, Anonymous duncan said…

    Its so cube that ppl r listening 2 my mp3 tracks on the net. I say ok 2 the gig, Beckers, on these conditions:

    1. McDunC gets 1 set @ least 20 min long;

    2. No one cuts MCDunCs hair but he will wear hair xtensions if they make him look more studly;

    3. MCDunC gets 1 comp ticket 4 Kimmi; an' most importantly,

    4. MCDunC gets a copy of the tv programme on DVD or VCD 'cos r dish wont get it.


  • At 12:53 PM, Blogger April Patterson said…

    hey, dunc, i can make a vcd 4 u. don't know abt the rest. :)

  • At 5:14 PM, Blogger Mary Worth said…

    i think mc dunce has a swollen head. first we r not gonna set aside special time 4 just u. i have already done a rough draft of the set lists an' i tried 2 mix the old stuff (billie an' aretha) with the new stuff (snoop an' 50 cent an' puffy) so that no1 will get bored 4 2 long if they don't like 1 kind of the music. but it's half an' half an' none of us can rap so u will b doing abt half the singing.

    there ren't tickets cuz this is a party. ask mr freeman if u want 2 get her invited. good luck. he is a mean ol' grouch.

    nobody cares what u do 2 ur hair.

    oh man boggle wuz krazee last nite. aunt jacks got in2 it with some old bag named bertha an' they had a nasty fight. bertha claimed that "misunderestimate" is a real word an' aunt jacks sed it wuzn't. then bertha sed "well i herd prez bush say it" an' aunt jacks sez "well that's a reliable source!" all sarcastic like an' bertha starts yelling, "jacqueline carrington macleod sanchez barnaby jones, u r just another canadian communist!" at that aunt jacks jumped up an' dumped the boggle table over an' goes, "u want a piece of me?" an' bertha stabs her in the arm with a knitting needle. that pissed aunt jacks off real bad an' she smashed her bottle of wild turkey on the edge of the kitchen counter an' used the broken end as a weapon. she chased bertha around the trailer trying 2 slash her. bertha barricaded herself in the bedroom. then the other ladies agreed 2 help aunt jacks break down the bedroom door if she would put the broken bottle down she agreed an' they used a coat rack as a battering ram. well they got the door open an' they all ran in2 the bedroom an' having all that weight at the rear end of the trailer made it tip over. we were all laying in the back of the trailer with no way 2 get out 4 about 3 hours b4 the neighbors called the fire department 2 rescue us. needless 2 say they declared a draw on the boggle tournament.

    i m back in mboro i just took a bus. mom is real sore an' grumpy an' sez i have 2 come straight home after school 2morrow 2 take care of her.


  • At 5:35 PM, Blogger April Patterson said…

    oh, man, becky, that does sound crizzazee! u must b glad 2 b outta there even if yr mom is grumpy!

    dunc, i think u shd just accept the playlist becky comes up w/since this is such gd xposure. u don't wanna miss a big chance cuz u r in a controlly kind of mood. btw, i was totally lol when u came by 2day w/1/2 yr hair in cornrows & the other combed out in2 an afro that was 2 funny. then my mom goes & asks whether that's a special barbados style. & yr dad was all, "yeah, we call it cou-cou style!" & burst out laughing.


    p.s. ger's much better & shd b back in school 2morrow.

  • At 8:09 PM, Anonymous duncan said…

    Whatevah, Beckers. Im gonna take my conditions 2 these Huey an' Riley dudes 'cos they r tru MCDunC fans.


  • At 11:09 PM, Blogger Mary Worth said…

    well u do that if u want 2 dunce but i'm warning u it's mr freeman who runs that show an' he is gonna b pissed if he finds out u tried 2 make a deal with huey an' riley without talking 2 him abt it. just advice frum a friend 2 a friend.



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