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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Early Non-memory About Babytalking Dad

Hey, happy Thanksgiving 2 my U.S. peeps. I'll bet U will B feeling thankful that yr family members don't chase U around and force U 2 listen 2 boring old stories.

So, U mite remember that I had decided (on that endless day abt 3.5 wks ago) 2 try getting away from Liz by catching a bus from near her apt. She told her frilly-dress story while I was w8ing 4 the bus. Well, the bus came, and I dug my busfare outta my pocket. Liz was all, "I 4bid U 2 get on that bus. And I was all, "Watch me!" So I got on the bus, and Liz got on w/me, all "U still hafta watch my thot bubbles!" I was like, "Gah!"

I sat by a window an' Liz sat next 2 me. She had 3 thot bubbles. 1st was Dad holding baby Nizzie while sticking out his tung and [ew!] drooling. And Nizzie pted @ his drooly tung while saying "Ahgooo? BLRGL? Ga-ga?" And Dad answered this w/a "BLAAAH!" 2nd thot bubble had Dad cuddling Nizzie while Dad went "Bla-bla? Ah-doo? DA-DA! Aplxtlff! Goo? Gooo-goops!" In the background was Mom peeking around the doorway @ them. 3rd thot bubble had Mom crossing her arms and looking smirky/shifty-eyed as Dad sed, "So, Elizabeth, ...How goes the diaper rash?"

An old lady on the bus was all, "I cdn't help noticing yr thot bubbles, dear. R U thot bubbling abt yr husband and daughter? And Liz was all, "NO! I was the cute little in those thot bubbles! ME!" And the old lady was all, "R U trying 2 tell me that U actually REMEMBER the events in thoze thot bubbles?" And Liz kinda looked down an' sed, "No." And I sed, "She has a script." The old lady sed, "Freak." And she was abt 2 spray pepper spray in her face when Liz pulled the signal-cord and sed, "C'mon April, we're getting off at the next stop!" I sed, "U go! I'm going home!" And she sed, "I told U, we're not dun yet!" And when the bus stopped, she yanked me outta my seat and dragged me out of the bus w/her.

Well, stay tuned 4 more of the stories I had forced on me! :(


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  • At 9:21 AM, Blogger DreadedCandiru2 said…

    Sadly, you're gonna have to listen to another week of this mess, I just know it. But look at the bright side! Like I said, at least it's cured you of feeling sad about not having siblings close to your own age. A few more days of this and you'll wish you were an orphan.

  • At 10:17 AM, Blogger April Patterson said…

    i've already been having that wish 4 three and a half wks! i keep 4getting how many crappy stories liz (and mike) managed 2 squeeze in2 that endless, endless day. :(



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