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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

As opposed to "careless" careful

Mom and Dad, after Dad announced his retirement planz, sat down @ the kitchen 2 look @ Dad's ledgers. He tracks family finances in a big ledger book Anthony gave him for Christmas about nine years ago. Mom and Dad of course each had a coffee cup. Dad also had a calculator and a pencil.

Dad was all, "Michael and Elizabeth R OK financially. We've got enuf put aside 4 April's education... And our investments shd carry us thru. With my working part-time, and yr occasional days @ the bookstore, we'll B able 2 live quite nicely... as long as we're careful." Mom put one hand on Dad's arm and sed, "We've always been careful when it comes 2 money, John." Dad looked @ her and sed, "...I mean 'careful' careful." Mom went, "Oh."

Hm, I wonder if this is Dad's way of saying there won't B enuf $$$ 2 fix the porch, put in a new bathroom, or build me a "space" in the basement. And if Mom will think Dad shd unretire so we can have those things.


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  • At 6:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'd answer "Yes" to all three of those questions, kiddo.

  • At 8:59 AM, Blogger duncan anderson said…

    Silhouette D00d,

    My mural on RHBM is an abstract. Look that word up, Professor Challenged. Those brown things r not fish or body parts, they r supposed 2 represent the divided loyalties of a Bajan-Canuck. My artistic style is evolving so no1 will have ne trbl figuring out what my DQ mural is abt.

    Sorry, Apes, I almost 4got abt u. Zed didnt call me so I had 2 do the rerite myself. My Diviners paper bettah b good enuf now. Ill cu @ Horny Ts aft skool.

    Yr best bud,
    Duncan Anderson
    Artist, Musician & Intellectual

  • At 9:03 AM, Blogger duncan anderson said…

    Apes, when I was leaving 4 skool, I hurd Silhouette Mom on the fone w/ yr mom. Silhouette Mom was agreeing w/ yr mom's idea 2 have u shave the sheets cos "yung eyes" cld do a bettah job. Plus yr moms going 2 buy sum triple-blade razors 4 a closer shave.

    Sux 2b u,
    Duncan Anderson

  • At 10:24 AM, Blogger April Patterson said…

    omg, dunc, thanx 4 the head's up. when i c u @ horny t's mayB u can help me come up w/ideas 4 getting outta having 2 do that job. mayB if i do a really, really bad job, like ripping up mom's favourite 29-yo sheets, she'll relieve me of that resp., eh?


  • At 1:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Young lady,
    In all fairness, your mother was, I believe, guilty of an unfair and potty-mouth crack at your expense, in implying to your Dad that they weren't being "careful enough" when you, uh, came along. Although I've been critical of you in the past, on this occasion I must applaud your restraint and ladylike demeanor.
    A friend

  • At 2:21 PM, Anonymous Silhouette Duncan Anderson said…


    D00D, I explained 2 Perdita that ur mural on RHBM is an abstract 2 represent the divided loyalties of a Bajan-Canuck, just in case she wanted 2 change her mind about me doing my mural over it. She said u needed to look up the word “abstract” & she really wants me to paint over it right now. I would paint faster, but true art can’t b rushed…especially when Bambi is modeling.

    Yr. silhouette,
    Silhouette Duncan Anderson

  • At 2:57 PM, Anonymous jeremy jones said…

    april, i don’t think ur dad is gonna unretire. i mean retirin’ 4 him just means working 2 less days a week than he did b4. my dad, country jones, haz thot ‘bout retirin’ b4, but az he sez, “u can’t do groupies if u don’t do concerts.” @least ur ‘rents r plannin’ 2 pay 4 ur education & u’ve been savin’ 4 ur vet skool, just in case “education” means “undergrad only”. u’ve been savin’ ½ of wut u’ve made 4 az long az i can remember, at least back to 2004 neway. u prolly wanna look @that ledger & see. knowin’ ur mom & dad, they mite b thinkin’ of how u of t wuz back in the 1970s & not how it is 2day, which is like almost 4x more xxpensive.

    also, i do not wanna help duncan anderson w/his dq mural 2 help him get hiz cred back, evn if he offers 2 help me beat up gerald. howevs, if gerald comes up 2 us 1 more tyme & sez, “i hope u & april r bein’ careful & i mean ‘careful’ careful”, i may change my mind.

  • At 3:14 PM, Anonymous michael patterson said…


    Formerly little sis. Your writing in your blog today was a blessing to me. Dad very rarely gives compliments to me, except on the way I rake a leaf or pick up a parent from the airport. But now you said that he considers me to be OK financially. That is a tremendous compliment coming from Dad. I have finally reached that point where Dad no longer worries about having to give me money like he used to. I believe this is because of the tremendous success I have had from the sale of my book Stone Season; although Deanna says it is because Dad knows how much pharmacy managers, like she is, make. Of course, Elizabeth is OK financially because she is going to marry Anthony Caine. It’s a happy day for me! I am OK financially.

    Michael Patterson


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