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Friday, July 18, 2008

Accepted by [his] daughter?

Well, Liz tried 2 "trick" me again this morning, w/another made-up errand, but I told her there's no need, she can write abt her lame, disturbing trip 2 the grocery store w/Antman and Francie all she wants. I can use the time 4 sumthing else. K, so I'm turning this over 2 Liz.


Hmph. I might give her an errand anyway. I like putting April to work! Anyway, I liked my fancy wedding-colour text so much yesterday, I'm going to do it again, except I'll make it mostly violet with teal accents. Because I haven't decided which colour I'll emphasize at the wedding!

Ooh, pretty! Let's see. So Anthony and I took Frenchy grocery shopping. And because I'm going to be her new Mommy, and Anthony is the man, he went to browse in their hardware section while I took her up and down the food aisles.

In the cereal aisle, Frenchy asked, "Can I have some sugar cereal, Elizabeth?" And I said, "Let's get healthy stuff today, OK?" She followed that up with, "Then... Could I have some candy?" I could have pointed out that candy isn't "healthy," but if I did, she might remind me of that the next time she sees me eating candy, and also, Anthony lets her keep a giant candy drawer in the kitchen at their house, so I said, "You have candy at home."

A minute later, she said, "How about a toy?!! I haven't had a new toy for a lonnngg tiiiiime!" And I said, "Not today." That's when she started pulling at my hand and going, "PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE?!!"

So I bought her a toy, and after we checked out, Anthony caught up with us, and I told him, "I've been accepted by your daughter, Anthony....She's started to NAG me!" I said this right in front of her. Was that wrong of me?

Oh, and I'm so good, I got our groceries and
Frenchy's toy in fabric "Green Sacks." Not paper OR plastic. I am wonderful! I wonder where I can get Anthony a nice "This house saves water" sign.


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  • At 9:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well, we saw this coming. We can also see that Liz will be just a good a parent as your mother is. She's dressing the part and she has her hair in an ugly-ass bun so he's fifty percent there.

  • At 12:28 PM, Anonymous jeremy jones said…

    april, this iz the 1st chance i have had 2 get near a computer 2 let u know how thingz r goin' @the summer camp w/eva abuya. i'm doin' the music part of the camp, cuz duncan anderson cancelled out on eva. she sez thingz like she thinks duncan iz 2 bizzy doin' the travel planz 4 ur sis' honeymoon, but i think thass just her way of copin' w/the idea that he kinda bailed on her. neway, eva's doin' ok. we're gettin' in sum good bondin' tyme, & she told me her dad came frum haiti & not nigeria like we thot frum her dad's phone bizness.

    the kids here r kinda innerestin', but sum of them r all kindsa messed up. so, it's been kinda fun dealin' w/them. not rilly. but sum positives. there's 1 girl who wears nothin' but overalls & she sez thass all little girls r allowed 2 wear xxcept wen they dress up & wear frilly dresses. then there's this othah kid who nags me all the tyme. "cud u play this song? i haven't heard that song in a lonnngg tiiiiime, cud u play it?" i asked him y he nagged me all the tyme, & he sed it wuz how he shows that he haz accepted me az a father-figure. i asked him if that wuz rilly true & aftah he finished laffin' he sed no, it wuz cuz naggin' works w/adults all the tyme. i kinda figger only an idiot wud think naggin' wuz a sign of acceptance. the only rilly awkward tyme wuz wen i hadda tell this little girl 2 stop doin' sumthin' & i called her by her name, like u know, "janice. stop that!" & she totally broke down & sed her step-mother only calls her by "ur daughter" so much she actually thot that wuz her name. so, she wuz like rilly gr8ful i called her by her name. like i sed. sum of theze kids r messed up. but thass y we're here.

    it's not 2 bad, but the camp food is awful. they buy in like generic brandz & ship it in green sacks, so every1 knowz they r not wastin' money on packagin'. like 4 breakfast they label it like sugar cereal and plain cereal. & then 4 dinner they will label stuff like, "meat. veggies. bread." i can eat it, but it's strange not knowin' wut it iz. i have no idea if i am still doin' vegan wen i eat the veggies. i kinda guess i am not.

    neway. evn tho i haven't got 2 write evry day, i miss u. i luv u.

  • At 4:44 PM, Blogger April Patterson said…

    omg, jeremy, i miss u soooo much! it's so much harder 2 deal w/liz when i don't have u. :(

    those kids u talked abt kinda remind me of francie, in liz's story 2day. i know liz thinx she doesn't do nething wrong, but we know better, eh?

    dc2, yeah, @ least 50%. prolly we'll c that status bar racing up 2 75% b4 we know it!


  • At 6:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Yeah. She'll have perfected the non-answer to a question in no time.


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