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Saturday, July 12, 2008

A stupid conversaton between Dad and Ant

Ecch. So, on that day of all the wedding planning, the one I've been telling U abt all wk, Dad succeeding in getting Anthony NOT 2 go in and help. Instead, they sat on lawn chairs set up w/their backs facing the house, having cold drinks as Edgar sat by Anthony. Dad was like, "So, U're going 2 B a member of the family @ last. I've gotta say, that makes me happy, son!" Dad and the house went in2 silhouette, while nothing else, including the drink in Dad's hand, did. And Dad sed, "Elizabeth's had a couple of close calls. Nice boys, but Elly and I always hoped that U and she wd get 2gether." "Close calls"? That makes it sound as tho NE1 other than the Antman wda been a disaster just cuz Mom and Dad had their stoopid hearts set on Anthony. Anthony, of course, went "thank U." He must know Mom and Dad have been pimping him 2 Liz 4evs.

Dad left silhouette and did the usual "sales" job re. Anthony. He sed, "U're a hard worker, sensible, kind, a dedicated father.... U'll B a wonderful husband!" Then apparently, they simul-thought-bubbled, "Or else." Really? Is this a real concern? Are they actually acknowledging that Anthony was NOT a "wonderful husband" 2 Thérèse? Nah, no1 in this circle ever admits that.

Oh, and as U mite know, Mike got erased! C Dee's comment from yesterday. Mike has no sense of who not 2 mess with! NEway, Mom was on the fone early this morning. I heard her end of the convo, where she was saying, "U have 2 bring back Mike! Yes, redraw him! Come on, you know he's your favourite as well as mine! Yes, U can teach him a lesson up there in Corbeil before U send him down here, just redraw him. Yes, I understand it's not his place 2 tell yr employees that they shd B looking 4 work, nor mocking their 'cease and desist' orders. Of course, they should be taken seriously. Yes, I understand. Gerald is no longer to be considered April's future husband. Frankly, John and I have never liked that boy and we've always secretly hoped April wd get him out of her system and move on 2 sum1 else. We never sed so because we thought 'childhood sweethearts as Patterson destiny' was the rule now. Yes, yes, do what U need 2 do, just get me my boy back!" Mom hung up the fone and sobbed.

I sed, "U really don't want me 2 end up w/Ger NEmore?" Mom sed, "Nope." I sed, "He doesn't remind U of Anthony NEmore?" Mom sed, "Not even a little bit. I hope this doesn't mean U're going 2 want 2 get back 2gether w/him just 2 B a rebellious teenager type." And I sed, "No, I just wish U'd sed all this stuff B4 so Mike wdn't have tortured me w/his constant 'When U marry Gerald' stuff, ignoring me whenev I told him I never will." And Mom sed, "He did that?" And when I sed he did, Mom shook her head and sed, "I should have taught him abt letting up on stuff like that, but I never did. I blame yr father."

NEway, that's all I've got 2 tell U now.


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  • At 3:06 AM, Anonymous jeremy jones said…

    april, we arrived ok @the ranch just outside dallas, texas. the kids arrive tomorrow night & i hafta get trained 2morrow b4 they get here. it’s kinda weird b-ing here w/eva abuya doin’ this summer camp in the st8s @a ranch. how did this happ? mebbe it wuz cuz duncan anderson seems like he has disappeared off the face of the earth. mebbe it’s cuz u felt sorry 4 eva frum listenin’ 2 how duncan had been treatin’ her wen u went 2 the beach w/her. mebbe it’s cuz duncan had agreed (at least thass wut eva sez) 2 do the music program w/the kids @this camp & she needed sum1 else 2 substitute 4 him last minute.

    rilly, i’m here cuz u asked me 2 go & u know i wud do almost nethin’ 4u, includin’ spendin’ a week w/eva & a buncha little kids. but i unnerstand. there wuz that whole bizness of mike disappearin’ cuz of gerald & the cohens & stuff & ur fam wuz startin’ 2 blame me 4 it, like i wuz the reasn y gerald did that & y mike disappeared. u don’t need 2 deal w/that, especially since ur sis made up all thoze lists of thingz 2 do 4 her weddin’ & u had a lot, evn more than the bridesmaids’ gifts & groomsmen’s gifts we got this past week. plus u still have the vet clinic 2 do.

    so u get 2 thingz @once. i get outa town & i do 4u a big favour 4 eva. she’s rilly happ that i am here, altho i am gettin’ rilly tired of tellin’ peeps i am not duncan anderson & i am not eva’s bf. i wish eva had enuff tyme 2 change the paperwork, but thass wut happs wen u plan last minute. i also appreci8 u told eva 2 keep her hands off me “or else”. i don’t think it wud happ neway, but it wuz nice 2 for u2 say it. a guy likes 2 feel he’s protected by his gf, eh? ur gf’s fist is the token that sez ur taken, eh?

    so, i will write wenevah i can 2 let u know how thingz r goin’. i luv u. i miss u alreddy. & yes i took along the antique teddy bear u gave me back wen i wuz in hospital all that tyme ago. u know i don’t sleep w/o it, unless i am knocked unconscious, of course.


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