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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Yard Sale

So, like I told U, we had the garage sale yesterday. Boy did I end up wishing I'd just stayed in Montreal w/Uncle Phil and Aunt Geo. We were selling all kindsa junk, like Mom's old clothes (her "skinny" dresses from B4 she had kids), hella many lamps, old dishes, toys, CDs, LPs, wrapping paper, microwave, toaster, glasses, bottles, picture frames, and other similar stuff.

It was just me, Mom, and Dad working this sale, and B4 we started, Dad kinda gave me an "everything must go" pep talk. But l8r, during the sale, Mom was all, "What happened 2 my coffee cup?" (As if she only has one!) And I was all, "Um... I think I sold it." Then a while after that, Dad came up 2 me and asked, "April, U didn't put the garden toolz in the yard sale, did U?" And I sed, "Oops." And then sum more time had passed when Mom was like, "Has NE1 seen the calcul8or?" And I put my hand over my mouth cuz I realized that I'd sold that, 2. But, y'know, Dad HAD given me that pep talk, and I did get a good price 4 all those things. But do U think Mom and Dad cared? No, they yelled @ me!

So I got fed up, plunked myself on a chair, and jokingly put a "$5" sticker on2 my forehead. Sum lady was all, "Does she come WITH the chair?" Which made Mom laff one of her muppet-mouthed laffs, while Dad just stared. And then sed, "No, chair is sold separ8ly." And then he cracked himself up, w/the sticky-outy tunged laff. And the Newlyfoobs producers actually tried 2 buy me, tho they wanted 2 haggle me down 2 $3.50. And I hadta tear off the label, shout, "I'm not really 4 sale," and run in2 the house. I think they got all that on camera, tho I'm not sure I'll sign the release 2 allow them 2 use my likeness.


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