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Friday, June 29, 2007

Ger and I = More Than Friends Again

Ger an' I have been sharing a secret since Monday of last week.

U C, after Shannon's speech in the hallway, I went up 2 him, all "Gerald?" Ger was cleaning out his locker, and he turned 2 me, all "I thot U weren't speaking 2 me." And I sed, "Well I am. Our band shd do the telethon. I don't care if U R playing drums 4 Rebecca[h]... It's 4 a gd cause." And Ger sed, "Friends again?" And we stared @ ea other 4 what seemed like a silent penultimate panel, and then I sed, "MORE than friends again!" as we hugged.

In rel8ed news, Ger posted a comment l8 last nite:
Formerly dearest Becky flower,

I am sorry to have to break your heart, but I cannot be your concubine any longer. My dearest April flower came to me that day after Shannon made her speech in the cafeteria and told me she wants us to be "more than friends" again. I am not quite sure what caused her change of heart. Pater says that Patterson women have fickle and violent temperaments. I am kind of afraid of the "violent" part. Also, April is a Patterson, and Mater wants me to marry into the First Family of Milborough.

So, April and I have been secretly "more than friends" for a little while now. My relationship with you has been a sham for some time. However, I can no longer continue to see both of you, as my little April flower says there will be no more "comfy accommodation" from her until I break it off with you.

Anyway, thanks for the public exposure on that TV show and all. Also, it was fun losing our virginity together. That was the best day of my life.

Thanks again, and sorry, Gerald
I hope the "losing virginity" thing ends up b-ing an untrue thing staged 4 the Newlyfoobs reality show, like Howard hinted. If not, I mite hafta retcon myself 2 having slept w/Axel. Foob oper8ors R standing by.


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  • At 7:38 AM, Anonymous Honoria Forsythe said…


    I am ever so happy that you and Gerald are a couple again! Mater is quite excited, as well. She is planning a special reception on Sunday afternoon, 3:00 sharp, here at the Forsythe estate. Wear pure white, future sister-in-law!


  • At 9:04 AM, Anonymous Axel Hibobbery said…

    April, when Dennis North, Adam Gentlesse, and I attended our "Patterson childhood sweetheart/potential spouse" orientation week up in Corbeil, we had a workshop called "Retcons and Reality." In this workshop, we were told that we had to be prepared at a moment's notice for the details of our reality to be altered (much like your sister Elizabeth's revised date of birth).

    So I'm ready for the retcon, if needed. BTW, if the retcon comes to pass, April, it was a really special and magical night, everything you ever hoped it would be, eh?


  • At 9:07 AM, Blogger April Patterson said…

    axel, if the retcon happs, u were incredibly romantic and u tapped in2 a passion i never knew i had. and made me a woman! if it happed, then all thoze fears i had abt how the 1st time is never good (liz told me that), were pushed aside, and it was better than i ever dreamed it cd b! if the retcon happs, that is!



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