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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dee, kids, and Mira

Weird. I woke up realizing I hadn't had another precognition abt Liz's wedding day, 23 August. But then I came over here, checked the comments 2 last nite's blog entry, and found that patrickrsghost had had a psychic dream abt it! Here's what he wrote:
After eating a large hot fudge sundae last night, I had a strange dream.

I was sitting in front of my TV, and it suddenly came on. I saw an image of a living room that I didn't recognize at first, until I realized it was the living room of your old house, Mike and Dee's house. I saw three kids dressed in teal and lavender clothing, and when they came into focus, it turned out to be Merrie, Frenchy, and Robin. They were chasing each other in the living room (are Mike and Dee still in the same house your parents once owned? I didn't recognize that portion of the living room), with Merrie saying "SHREIK!" and Frenchy saying "GIGGLE!" while Robin chased her, reaching out to grab her. Dee came into the room and said "Robin, Francie, and Meredith! Stop running around!" The camera then panned to a different view, showing the back of them, and Dee escorting them into an adjoining room. She then said "You're going to get dirty. Sit down and behave your-selves." Yes, she did hyphenate "yourselves". They then began playing with each other on the magically colour-changing couch, that turned itself teal to match the girls' dresses, and began to NUDGE. BOP! POKE! and GIGGLE!. The camera then panned away and went back onto Dee and Mira, and Dee said, "Mom, all I want to do is keep them clean and calm until after the wedding!" Mira then replied, after putting a hand on Dee's shoulder, "I'll help with that, dear." She then walked into the room with the Teal Couch and after losing her eyes, she looked down at them, held out a bowl, and said, "Here...have some candy." while Dee looked in on them all gobsmacked. That's right Mira. Calm them down and keep them clean with lots of sugar.
NE1 think it's strange that my brother's mother-in-law was invited 2 my sister's wedding? I think the reason is moments like this one that patrickrsghost described. Sum1 figured we needed a "villain," eh?


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  • At 7:22 AM, Blogger DreadedCandiru2 said…

    It's clear hat Mira will have company being designated villain. After all, Therese has to show up and make trouble; the Witch of Corbeil said so.

  • At 10:20 AM, Blogger April Patterson said…

    gah. the stupid burns! :(


  • At 11:59 AM, Anonymous jeremy jones said…

    april, w8 a minute! iz the reasn y u put candy in my mouth last nite aftah u sed i wuz makin’ 2 much noise while u were doin’ ur gymnastics “vault” routine on top of my…um…u know?

  • At 1:06 PM, Blogger April Patterson said…

    nah, i gave u candy cuz u're so good, jeremy. :)


  • At 6:38 PM, Blogger howard said…


    My wife, Beatrice stopped by your house to let your sister know everything had been set up for her Bachelorette party. This is how that went, from what she told me:

    Beatrice: Elizabeth. We have the entertainment set up for your bachelorette party. Your mom’s not coming is she?

    Elly: Oh no. Connie and I will be busy that night. Besides, I have seen enough of my daughter getting drunk over the last few months to last me a lifetime.

    Elizabeth: Mom! I have not been getting drunk. Those are my natural speech patterns.

    Carleen Stein: I am looking forward to the party. I don’t get to go out with just the girls very often. Who’s taking care of the children, if Elly is busy with Connie?

    Elly: Deanna.

    Elizabeth: Deanna’s going to be at the bachelorette party.

    Carleen Stein: What about April? She’s too young to go to a bachelorette party where there is going to be drinking. She would be a good choice. You could ask her.

    Elizabeth: April is already a pretty good drinker, especially when she’s baby-sitting.

    Carleen Stein: What? April?

    Beatrice: She’s always been good with my girls.

    Elly: She told Elizabeth she was drinking and was with a boy one time when she was baby-sitting. Needless to say, it seems like the only baby-sitting my grandchildren have had since then has been with me.

    Elizabeth: You said you would baby-sit for me too.

    Elly: I’m not doing it that night. Connie and I have plans. We could probably get Mira Sobinski to do it and say she needs to come in and check the flower girls dress sizes.

    Elizabeth: That would work. I swear every time I turn around Frenchy has grown a metre. She’s just as tall as Merrie. Maybe taller.

    Beatrice: I thought Françoise was younger than Robin.

    Elizabeth: I don’t keep with that kind of stuff. Maybe the French grow faster than regular kids.

    Beatrice: Don’t you have French children in your class where you teach?

    Elizabeth: How would I know?

    Elly: I just realized something. We need to have a flower girl in the bridal party prep pictures Josef is taking.

    Carleen Stein: The kids are at Deanna’s house and the bridal party is here. Do you want to put them together?

    Elizabeth: I do not want to have to deal with step-mother stuff on my wedding day. Weddings and step-children do not go together. They are like the exact opposite of things that should be together.

    Elly: We just need Meredith over for some pictures and then she can go back to Deanna’s house.

    Carleen Stein: Who’s going to bring her over?

    Elly: Mike can. He has to usher at the wedding, so he will have to leave early anyway.

    Carleen Stein: Who will take her back?

    Elly: Not me. I am going to get dressed with Connie and then we are going to check out the reception food.

    Carleen Stein: You’re not going to be there for pictures with the bride before the wedding?

    Elly: John will there. He has to be because he is going to walk Elizabeth down the aisle. I already arranged for April to get him dressed.

    Carleen Stein: You’re not going to be there because John is going to be there? I don’t think I have ever heard of a wedding where the mother-of-the-bride was not with the bride while she was getting ready for the ceremony.

    Elly: I don’t want to talk about it. I won’t be there. Someone else has to take Meredith back to Deanna’s house after she is in the pictures.

    Elizabeth: I am the bride. I am not going to do it.

    Carleen Stein: I am going to be busy helping Josef take pictures.

    Beatrice: How about after Moira and I finish the table decorations, I stop by your house and take Meredith back?

    Elly: That will work.

    Beatrice: Are you going to say, “Thank you, Beatrice”?

    Elly: You know me better than that.

    Beatrice: Yes. Yes, I do.

    Then Beatrice left. That is pretty much what Beatrice told me happened. I thought you might be interested.

    Howard Bunt

  • At 6:54 PM, Anonymous michael patterson said…


    Formerly little sis. A precognition from your ghost friend that my monster-in-law is going to be at my house. That’s a horrifying prediction. I can tell you exactly why I will be at the wedding ceremony ushering when Lawrence brings in the flowers. Two words: Mira Sobinski. The woman is terrible. Elizabeth is so lucky she is going to have a mother-in-law that mom likes and no one ever sees.

    You know when Mira agreed to do the flower girl dresses, she actually suggested that Elizabeth change the whole colour of her wedding, just to accommodate her desires for the dresses? Can there be any worse a person? Now you have a prediction she is going to give candy to my children and Anthony’s child on the wedding day. That sounds just like her. Those kids are going to be covered in candy goo, and they will be jumping off the walls. I am so glad Deanna is going to be the one dealing with them and her mother too. Ushering never sounded so good.

    Michael Patterson

  • At 7:07 PM, Anonymous jeremy jones said…

    april, u seemed 2b rilly angry w/ur mom. u used 2b mad wen she nevah paid attention 2 ur grandpa jim & now she’s like ovah there a lot. thass a good thing, rite? u sed it wuz cuz she keeps takin’ ovah all that heart attack food, but u know thass wut she always duz. i don’t get the diff. i guess it’s just cuz now insteada takin’ that food 2 ur grandpa every couple of months, now she’s ovah there a lot more often. he’z been eatin’ that food b4. do u rilly think it’s gonna kill him, if she keeps doin’ it?

    ok. here’s an idea. nsteada watchin’ the olympics @ur place, we’ll go watch it w/ur grandpa jim & iris & if we see ne of ur mom’s food left ovah, it will just magically disappear. how duz that sound? i know we can’t do that while ur mom iz there 2 watch him eat wut she made, but @least there won’t b leftovahs. wudya think? mebbe canada will get a medal, if ur grandpa iz watchin'.

  • At 8:26 PM, Blogger April Patterson said…

    jeremy and i r @ gramps and iris's following thru on his awesum plan. we've made the bad food disappear while gramps and iris were watching the olympics and we've replaced it w/healthy stuff that won't kill them.


  • At 11:17 PM, Anonymous jeremy jones said…

    april, i know that is so frustr8in’. wut can u say? iris is like, “but, april. elly helps out now & she nevah did b4. i can’t just say, ‘throw that food u made in the waste bin’ cuz it’s jim’s favrite.’” it’s not like we can come ovah every nite & replace food. i’m not workin’ & u make wut u make @the vet clinic, which iz not a lot. & u know ur mom iz not gonna start cookin’ healthy food. i dunno wut 2 do. i mean, i know u want ur grandpa 2b healthy & live az long az he can; but if he’s not gonna stop eatin’ it & iris izn’t gonna stop ur mom & ur mom izn’t gonna stop; then wut can u do? it’s not like, if ur grandpa endz up back in hospital, ur gonna go up 2 him & say, “i told u so.”

    so, yeah, just snugglin' 2nite iz fine. i'm kinda sore frum last nite neway. we'll sleep on it & then mebbe we'll think of sumthin' we can 2morrow.


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